Whoopi-ing It Up!

I’ve never been quite sure how to respond when people have asked, “Are you like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost?” Playing a psychic medium, she went on to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for a role that not only brought comedic relief, but a spiritual vibe to the 1990 thriller.

Yesterday, the movie – along with Whoopi – came up during a Taco Tuesday lunch conversation, in which I recalled a pivotal scene. Seeking comfort after the tragic loss of her boyfriend, played by Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore’s character stumbled into Whoopi’s psychic den. When his spirit came through with a message, “I love you,” for her, Demi didn’t buy it, claiming he had trouble using those words when she would say the same!

Then, Whoopi began relaying, “Ditto! Ditto!” Everything changed at that moment, for that was how Swayze would reply when Demi expressed her love for him. The communication channels opened and more messages were received and exchanged.

While I’ve never heard, “Ditto,” in my meditations and psychic consultations, other words and phrases have come through on behalf of clients. Some examples include specific foods, song titles, cities, sports, pets and even nursery rhymes. While connections are amazing, they really serve as conduits for deeper discussions and revelations. The results are moving and positive.

Now, I can honestly answer the question at the start of this post: Yes, I’ve made Whoopi!

Love and light,


Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze in Ghost

Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze in Ghost

6 thoughts on “Whoopi-ing It Up!

  1. Jane Conrad

    “Ghost” is one of my favorite movies! It is like a friend I return to visit. Why am I not surprised that you liked it, too?

  2. Suz

    Thank you for the insight on the ways messages are given.

    And while I’m not so ridiculous (or self-absorbed) to think that last two posts are about questions I’ve thrown up to God and the universe, still, it’s kind of trippy!

    Peace and light to you, Tony!

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