“Tony validated that I was looking at investment property in a specific location. He mentioned the building was undervalued at the time, but that the area would soon be revitalized. That happened within two months!”

Realtor, Tarpon Springs, FL

“His insights regarding a personal relationship were spot on. I was better prepared to make important decisions about my future happiness.”

Marketing Consultant, Dayton

“I’m a creative guy and Tony tapped into that energy right away. He even discussed unusual film projects that I’ve had in mind, but had never shared with anyone.”

Studio Executive, Los Angeles

“I loved my consultation with Tony.  It was more like a conversation with an insightful friend. He helped me identify several barriers that were blocking my personal growth, as well as potential next steps to move me forward.”

Restaurant Owner/Chef, Portland, OR

“During my session, Tony relayed several personal messages from my late grandfather that involved special childhood memories. It made me realize that I’ll always be spiritually connected with my grandfather.”

Accountant, New York City

“I’d just lost my job and needed guidance. Tony confirmed my interests and skills. He also told me that I’d move to another city if I stayed in the same profession, which happened within six months.”

Landscape Designer, Atlanta

“The first thing Tony shared with me was that I wanted to be a vet or work closely with pets. I’d never told anyone – not even my girlfriend – that dream. Today, I manage a dog training facility.”

Former Banker, Houston

“He described a financial situation that I should consider avoiding. Sure enough, it emerged and I made the choice not to participate. The project was doomed and never even got off the ground.”

Developer, Biloxi, MS

“I appreciated the psychic guidance I received from Tony regarding unresolved family matters. Within months, progress was made.”

Attorney, Chicago

“He coached me on my own intuition, so I could understand how to utilize the energy.”

Retired Military, Wilmington, NC