The Seven Sees

A psychic consultation client recently asked, “What do you mean when you say, ‘I see things’?” Here’s my answer, broken down into seven bite-size pieces.

1. Imagine your mind being the home of a “third eye,” in addition to the two resting on either side of your nose. That’s what I have, a mind’s eye, which receives the intuitive visions on behalf of clients, the larger population and for me too!

2. The visions range from sketchy, charcoal-like drawings to fully-animated scenes (like watching a movie). Other sights that I’ve received include symbols, landmarks, colors and designs. I’ve even received cliches in vision forms, such as the time I saw a tall, large walking bird proceed to poke its beak into the ground (an ostrich with his head in the sand). Regardless of form, the images are meant to convey messages to their ultimate recipients.

3. While I never know when I’ll receive visions, meditation certainly puts me in the proper state of mind. Free from distractions and noise, I’ve experienced countless scenes during meditation.

4. The proper term for the gift of someone who can “see” future opportunities is clairvoyance.

5. Receiving spiritually intuitive images is only one step. I must also be open to defining their meanings and/or relaying the images in a manner so they resonate with my clients. When that happens, in-depth conversations commence to address specific topics and concerns.

6. The variety of visions and imagery come from a higher spiritual and more intelligent source. I’m just the middle-man.

7. And, no, receiving intuitive visions does not give me headaches! (although, too many margaritas will!)

Love and light,


A psychic can "see" opportunities on the horizon and beyond.

A psychic “sees” opportunities on the horizon and beyond.


5 thoughts on “The Seven Sees

  1. Jimmy LaSalvia

    I often hear psychics talk about “spiritual guides.” I’m pretty sure you have used that term before. Is it just your guides that you see and receive information from, or is it others? For example, do you talk with my guides when you do a reading for me? I’ve been thinking about that because I’ve been wondering about my guides lately. 🙂

    1. Tony Post author

      Insights come from a number of spiritual sources, to include all spiritual guides. I’ve had spiritual visitors representing different nationalities too.

      1. Suz

        On rare occasion I see the spirits of those who have crossed over, and occasionally I hear things – “someone” in the room whistling, etc. Commonly I only see see-through shadows.

        Mostly though, I have a sense of “knowing” when something “bad” is happening or is about to happen. Yet I don’t realize that that is what I’m feeling until an event happens or until a close friend or family member tells me what is going on in his/her life. And it’s AWFUL – the overwhelming anxiety, anger, fear, etc., that I feel. What I do know is that I need to figure out how to get a handle on it before it drives me and those around me crazy.

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