Listen Up!

Listening is often a side order on the menu of communication, with talking being the more prominent entree. But, don’t tell that to Roberto and Victoria, wait staff at two of Santa Barbara’s favorite dining establishments.

A breakfast fan, I made it a mission since relocating to the coastal city to seek out early morning options. Judge For Yourself Cafe, a cozy diner which gained its name by being located across the street from the courthouse, won me over. While the place serves up heaping doses of comfort food, waiter Roberto is another reason why people, like myself who’d been there twice before, return.

Last weekend, while sitting in its corner nook, I was confused. When a smiling Roberto arrived to take my order, I casually said, “I can’t remember what I get here that I like so much.”

He did. “My friend, you order the bacon, avocado and cheese omelette with crispy hashbrowns.” He was right! This man, who encounters hundreds of hungry patrons each week, had listened intently to my order during my initial visit last October!

The same is true for Victoria, a vivacious waitress at Petrini’s, an Italian eatery known for its old school dishes and atmosphere. I’d been only once before, but when she approached my table during a second lunchtime visit, Victoria said, “Welcome back; you wanna start off with ice tea and a salad with Thousand Island?” She got it right, too! Despite serving an army of longtime customers, she, thanks to her perfected listening skills, had recalled what I’d requested weeks ago.

In my job as a psychic medium, listening is imperative. During consultations, I practice the trait daily while receiving insights from spiritual sources and responses from my clients.

Thanks Roberto and Victoria for reminding me how important and impactful listening can be.

You might say, I’m the one who received tips from both of them!

Love and light,


4 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Joseph (but you can call me Joe) Litsch

    Oh Tony….such a long way from home (The South) and still some threads run so true — and obviously stand out like a real Southern accent (although down here, nothing is more painfully obvious than a futile attempt at a Southern accent by a foreigner, aka Yankee). “Ice tea” and “thousand island dressing”? Such giveaways — I am pround to say!
    Now, these two hospitality workers just might have remembered that newcomer with the strange accent was a vision in PLAID! Just a thought…:-) Bless his heart…..I do love him.

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