The Trouble With Hairy

Real men get their back waxed. You’re probably asking yourself: Where in the hell is he going with this one? Let’s just say, spiritual conversations can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone!

Back in June 2009, I was living in Louisville and was due (okay, past due) for my tri-annual back waxing ritual. Not trusting just anyone to tear into my flesh, I found Mary, an esthetician who bubbled over with entertaining stories to share while I lay semi-paralyzed on her ceremonial slab. To avoid thinking about hot wax and the sensation of strips being ripped off of my back, I directed my mind to go elsewhere. During an appointment, I’d zone out to either pretending that I was a captive spy in a Hollywood espionage B-movie (“You can torture me all you want, but I will tell you nothing!”), or that I was lounging on a float in a Palm Springs pool (“Oh, that sun feels so good warming my back!”).

At this particular session, my zoning out was interrupted when Mary’s non-stop conversation switched from testing her late mother’s tortellini recipe to sensing her late mother’s spiritual presence! Mary was like that; she’d dart from one topic to the next with little transition. Her opening up about her own encounter with an afterlife entity was an invitation for me to tell her about my newfound psychic intuitive gift (I’d discovered it only a year prior). Naturally, she was very receptive.

Mary, a divorced woman in her mid-50s, put her hand on my freshly bare back as she applied calming lotion and said, “Tony, I’m a very spiritual person and feel like there are connections we humans are capable of making with other dimensions. The trouble is some folks are just not sure what to make of any of it. Maybe, that’s why you’re being led to do this type of work. You can help people learn more about their own spirituality.”

I’ll never forget that hair raising experience!

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Hairy

  1. Tim

    I have having my back waxed for over 25years. You are so right in having someone talk to you while it is going on. That makes a world of difference. However I did find a saying that I understood. “Soft as a baby’s butt”

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