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This week, while editing (again!) the book I plan to publish, I found myself smiling about my pre-teen years. While the manuscript covers my spiritual discovery and journey, its title, Little Red Wagon, is a metaphor for collecting and honoring our childhood wishes and ambitions. As I retraced chapter after chapter and page after page, I thought about a handful of my favorite inspirations from those early adolescent days.

Licking the electric mixer beaters after my mother whipped up homemade mashed potatoes Talk about a treat! Better than candy, it was a simple pleasure that made my tastebuds water. (And, kept me quiet for at least five minutes!)

Playing with my Matchbox cars Hours would go by as I maneuvered my collection of miniature cars in the side yard. I even constructed a drive-in movie theater (two sticks and a sheet of white paper for the screen and smaller sticks for the speaker poles) for the tiny autos!

Receiving free flowers from Mary How lucky to live next door to Mary’s Flower Shop, where my regular visits at age four were welcomed with loving hugs and free carnations!

Learning how to drive My late grandfather taught pre-teen me the cardinal driving skills in his Buick. Thank goodness for miles of isolated Alabama country roads and two thick Sears catalogs (for me to sit on to see over the dashboard).

Attending Gingerbread Kindergarten Mrs. Marsh (see picture below) was my first teacher and ignited my drive for learning and education at an early age. And, the carpool I shared with several other students was a bonus!

What memories and inspirations do you keep in your Little Red Wagon?

Love and light,


Mrs. Marsh's Gingerbread Kindergarten

Mrs. Marsh’s Gingerbread Kindergarten

10 thoughts on “Bless You Child

  1. Laura

    So many fond memories of you through childhood and the school years. You have always been a special friend! I’m so glad to be able to keep in touch with you and see you as time & travel allows. Love you Tony!

  2. Kenn Cross

    Amazing how seemingly insignificant moments in time can shape who we become later on in life. My strongest flashback shaping moment happened at 13 years old with a trip to Disney World. There I saw sculpted shrubs in the shape of animals, flowers beautiful presented throughout the park unlike I had ever seen in my life, and architectural details I was completely unfamiliar with. On that trip I found out there was an occupation called landscape Architecture. And so it was. I knew I wanted to be a Landscape Architect and there was not a fragment of doubt I could do it. Here I am at 50 years old still using my Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture making people’s homes a paradise on the inside and out. Thank you for sharing Tony. You reminded me to give thanks today for the blessings I’ve received. Big love.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Kenn…I love that story about Disney World. Sounds like you found your inspiration at the right time and right place. It’s a small world (to borrow from Disney!)!

    1. Tony Post author

      Yes, you were snipe hunter! I still remember the whole gang: the two of us, Laura, Pete, Mike and the kid who lived on Maple. Was Warren in the carpool too?

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