Let’s Take A Few Questions

When people ask me questions about being a psychic medium, I’d like to think that it means they’re open to learning more about spirituality and their own intuition. Here are a few that I’ve heard recently.

1) How do you know when you’ve connected with the spirit of someone? During meditation, I often see in my mind’s eye a bright aura surrounding the image of a person (sometimes an animal), which lets me know that I have a spiritual visitor. Once the connection is established, I receive words, messages and emotions from the source, which are then passed on to – and validated by – the client. For example, I recently told a lady over the phone that her late mother’s spirit came through, wanting to tickle me and be playful. The client laughed, “That’s my mother! My kids referred to her as the grandmother who skinny dipped!”

2) How do you get your customers? Many find me through my website (tony-morris.com) or my Facebook page (Facebook.com/tonymorrispsychic). However, a majority are referrals. So, I want to give a big shout out to all my clients who have told others about my services and abilities. I really appreciate it!

3) Do you have any suggestions on how to successfully meditate? First of all, commit to doing so by carving out time – even if it’s just ten minutes a day. Go to a quiet place. Turn off the cell phone. Get grounded in a comfortable, seated position (some folks choose to sprawl out on the bed). And, only focus on the peaceful rhythm of your breathing. Don’t beat yourself up, if you can’t slip into the calmer adjustment right away. Stick with the practice and it’ll catch on over time. I’ve also used meditation CDs by noted psychics James Van Praagh and John Holland. What works best for me, though, is when I’m out in nature (hikes, beaches, forests, city parks, country dirt roads, etc.); I tend to connect more freely that way.

4) Do you ever talk to other psychics? Yes; I want a spiritual checkup too! While I do receive intuitive insights for myself when I meditate, I have also engaged with other trusted and gifted psychic mediums. I consider those sessions to be part of my continuing education!

And, when I do consult with another psychic, I have my own set of questions too!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Few Questions

  1. Mary Rhoads

    It was Feb 12, 1998 when I rec’d a call that my dad was rapidly failing and I should get there ASAP. We called UAL and they were able to get me on the 7pm flight to Chicago. I lived in VA, almost on the
    Dulles runway, so within about an hr I was sitting on the plane. As we’re sitting waiting for takeoff I had a very lovely sensation – feeling of being surrounded by bright swirling lights, it felt very warm and I could only smile to myself thinking this must be what going to heaven or afterlife is like and maybe my dad is on his way. Jt was about 15 min later my pager went off (before cell phones, at least for my rank at MCI 🙂 to call home so I did with those clumsy plane phones and yes, my husband said he got the call, my dad had died about 10 min ago. I so believe in afterlife and the possibility to connect with those we love, especially family with same genetic/DNA/or soul mates/exceptional friendships or even someone we’ve met briefly but shared a special connection. But it won’t happen to those who won’t believe and sadly they may be missing the joy of connecting. Thank you for your inspiring blogs and waiting for your book. Mary xox

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