Walt Disney Presents!

Who knew that re-watching a classic Disney film (and Jodie Foster’s debut) some 30 years after first seeing it in a theater would now resonate more with me and my profession as a psychic-medium? But, Napoleon & Samantha, a family-friendly Saturday matinee from years gone by, did exactly that!

One of the film’s supporting characters, an aging grandfather, is played by none other than TV’s The Waltons‘ Will Geer. Realizing his days are numbered, the man, who has American Indian roots, knows he must share some spiritual wisdom with his grandson. During this talk, he tells the youngster that when our physical life concludes, it doesn’t mean that our relationship with our family ends. The connection simply changes to another dynamic. Love and spirit can transcend through multiple dimensions. Wow! This coming from Mickey Mouse’s studio?

Obviously, I understand his sentiments, as I feel this way very much about my late grandparents. I “talk” with them all the time and often ask for messages or signs (just to know that they “hear” me). And, yes, I get them. Like, singing (or sorta) along to my grandfather’s favorite country song on the radio or my acing a Friday crossword, a favorite pastime of my grandmother’s.

And, the same is true with my clients who wish to re-connect with their transitioned loved ones. While I never know exactly who will come through or what insights will be communicated, it’s always an amazing experience when contact is made and thoughts are expressed.

When I bought the Disney flick, I thought it would take me back to my youth. Instead, Napoleon & Samantha did not only that, but ended up being a link to my future.

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