Dream Time

Dreams, while often sensitized with visuals and emotions, are linkages to our daily physical existence. They can help us dismantle blockage, confront fears, reunite with loved ones or soar into creative explorations. Since I’ve returned from Easter Island just over a month ago, my dreams have been amazing and last night’s was no exception. Here’s what happened:

Slumber had no problem finding me, as I dozed off right away. While in dream state, I became aware that a female friend from years ago had come to visit me, in bed, no less. Nothing sexual, just cherished connections taking place on another dimension. While the visitor’s caring face, voice and energy seemed familiar, I never acknowledged her name. That aspect never seemed important. What mattered was that there was a strong emotional bond with this welcomed being.

In the dream, we hugged, both glad to be in each other’s presence. During our conversation, I asked, “Why don’t you sleep over?” as I wasn’t ready for my friend to depart. She agreed.

As I turned off the light, my dream guest asked, “Aren’t you going to set your alarm clock?”

Kind of an odd question coming from someone in my dream who has no time schedule, I thought to myself. But, being a psychic, nothing’s really odd to me anymore. So, I kindly responded in the dream, “No, we’ll just wake up in the morning naturally.”

Suddenly, I was awakened from the dream by the noise of my computer printer trying to recalibrate. After rubbing my eyes, I stumbled over to the electronic gizmo and watched its flashing lights display until it finally settled down. Initially, I thought an entity was involved, as, in the past, I’ve had other devices (lamps flickering, radios coming on) that I felt had been triggered by spiritual energy trying to get my attention.

Then, came the payoff! As I walked back to bed, I noticed that the alarm clock on the nightstand was constantly blinking, 3:18. Undoubtedly, the electricity had gone off just moments before while I was sleeping. Now, I understood, why my dream visitor asked the question about my alarm clock! Her message was pre-empting what I was about to experience! I would, indeed, need to program the alarm clock!

I smiled, crawled back under the sheets and nodded off. Time was on my side; I arose this morning with my blog already written.

Love and light,






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