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You can have Sex in the City and you can have Sex in the Country. Bodily contact can be experienced by consenting adults in any number of locations and situations. And, in my business as a psychic intuitive counselor, the topic of sex arises frequently in sessions. However, my client consultations are private and confidential, so don’t expect this to be a tell-all blog!

But, here’s what I can share. First of all, I firmly believe that my spiritual guide, angels, the Universe (or a customer’s own spiritual team) will not share insights – of any kind – with me, just so I can embarrass someone or make an individual squirm. After all, I’ve made it clear that my intention is to assist people in advancing their lives. So, when I do receive specific messages that touch on sex or erotica, I preface any delivery of such information, with a variation of conversational foreplay, if you will.

What I mean by that is, identifying why sex even needs to be brought up in a given session. Once that’s established, then the consultation can move on to exact areas of interest, from relationships to sexual positions and practices. And, yes, the work can be very revealing. But, again, the talks are meant to be positive and progressive.

Despite some of the sexual images and messages I receive, they don’t register one bit with me personally. In other words, I don’t get turned on. For me, it’s work and the visual cues that enter my mind are just as provocative as pieces of furniture. So, if I get a vision of someone’s toes being licked, it’s equates to seeing, say, a wing-back chair.

I share this particular blog with my readers so they understand that in my intuitive consultations, we cover a lot. Sometimes, it’s about underneath the cover.

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