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Even with a zillion channels, at times, I struggle to find something to watch on the tube. Thank goodness for the dozens of DVDs, a plethora of favorite films and TV shows, I own. One in particular “spoke” to me last night!

I’d just sat down in front my out-dated set (not even a smart TV) with my Chinese takeout from Panda Express, when my viewing dilemma arose. Psychic Tony walked over to the cabinet housing the DVD collection, closed my eyes and asked my spiritual guide, “What should I watch tonight?” Over time, we’ve developed a communication system of signals and vibrations that work between the two of us.

As my right hand touched the cabinet’s top shelf, my mind’s eye received a swaying left-to-right movement, indicating, “no.” It wasn’t until I touched the fourth shelf, that an up-and-down visual indicating, “yes,” appeared. I continued to glide my hand over the DVDs positioned on that particular row until I finally got an endorsement for The Complete First Season of I Love Lucy, a recent Christmas gift from my mother.

Granted, there are seven discs in this classic comedy retrospective, my guide showed me to watch disc two, episode two! Within minutes, I was smiling and laughing, because my spiritual guide’s sense of humor had emerged. You see, the specific show I was watching was entitled, The Seance, Lucy and Ethel’s (wearing a turban, no less, as Medium Raya) lighthearted romp in the spirituality world.

The episode reminded me that it’s important to laugh at ourselves and, yes, even our occupational adventures from time to time. It’s healthy to embrace fun into all aspects of life.

And, thanks to my spiritual guide for channeling what to watch on TV last night!

Love and light,


"I Love Lucy" had a funny message in more ways than one last night!

I Love Lucy had a funny message in more ways than one last night!


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