Best Of The Supremes (& Other Psychic Hits)

A reporter for the popular online publication , interviewed me last week regarding psychic predictions about the vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States. You’ll find my comments below, along with a few other intuitive insights for the greater population.

The Supremes – First, I’m sensing that the process will be handled by the Commander in Chief in the proper manner: there will first be the acknowledgement and respect given to the recent death of Justice Scalia. Then, expect a focus on new beginnings and a nominee who will represent a missing void on the bench. A woman, with not only judicial, but educational background, will be a leading choice. President Obama may be finishing up his last term, but he’s still building on the legacy that he’ll leave behind.

Under The Sea – I’m not a scientist or a meteorologist, but I’m receiving insights that global climate change will continue to impact the large bodies of waters. Tides and currents are shifting, forcing marine life to drift from their typical habitats, such as great white sharks being spotted much closer inland.  While there are those trained to protect the oceans, we all can do our parts to prevent erosion and to foster care of our shores.

Modern Day Slavery – Back in December 2012, I predicted an uprise in human trafficking, which is akin to slave trade. This inhumane practice, common in poor African and Asian regions, has also seen an increase in the United States, where crime officials will crack down on operating rings.

Keep A Lid On It – The 1982 Tylenol package tampering ordeal changed the way in which consumable goods are produced and sold. I’m picking up that there will be a situation to surface this year, one which will involve tainting in a jar or similar container. Federal and other health watchdogs will be on top of this issue.

Voters – You’d have to live on Mars not to know it’s a presidential election year. Expect a substantial increase in Hispanic-American and first-time voters, who, combined, will represent an influential voting bloc. If I were a candidate, I’d be courting these constituents rather aggressively!

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6 thoughts on “Best Of The Supremes (& Other Psychic Hits)

  1. your uncle

    You still got some of that Halloween candy left from the 60’s and did you ever learn how to drive a stick shift in a car?……didn’t think so!

  2. sonya

    Enjoyed reading your blog, Have you heard of Tb Joshua Or Brian Carn? They are both considered Prophets. Very accurate! Love that gift!:) Thank you for sharing your gift. God has blessed you! Sonya

    1. Tony Post author

      Thank you for you kind comments and for reading my blog. I do believe what I do is a God-given gift and use it to help others and the planet. Take care.

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