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I attended a holiday party last Saturday and a friend, who is aware of my profession, actually gave me the idea for today’s blog. While nibbling on chorizo empanadas, she stated, “I can understand how you connect to past or even present events, because they’ve either happened or are currently happening; but, I don’t understand how you can be in tune to future events.”

First of all, in the spiritual world, the past, present and future are all the same. There are no divisions of time; zipping from period to period is common. In my current physical life, there have been way too many times, when I have arrived a certain location and it’s felt like I’ve been there before. It’s because, I probably have – either in a past life (more about that in a later blog post) or through my subconscious (dreams, meditations). The same can be said for an experience, or a perhaps, a person with whom you come in contact. So, in essence, when I do a consultation, I’m tapping into the spiritual world (and it into me), which is inclusive all of time periods. It’s all interwoven.

It gets a little tricky when clients, for whom I’m doing consultations, are unclear about what they want in the future. Believe it or not, you can have what you want, but you have to ask for it and take action when the universe places things in your path that will bring you closer to your intentions. Many people don’t even give themselves permission to fill in the first blank: In the future, I want to (insert statement here). Hint: Don’t ask for, “I want to win the lottery;” instead, ask for, “I want an abundant life.” As an intuitive, I work with the spiritual energy of a much higher source, and I also work with clients’ energies at the same time. When clients haven’t stated their intentions, the reception can get fuzzy. Like there’s blockage that needs to be broken down before we can address future growth. And, there’s nothing wrong whatsoever if the first item of business in an intuitive consultation is to remove the clutter, so clients can ask for what is they do want. Until that step is taken, clients shouldn’t be surprised that if the down-the-road insights that I’m picking up initially for them isn’t to their liking.

Understand too, that one doesn’t have to go around blabbing their wants with a bullhorn for the thought to register with the universe. Just recently, before I even started a session with a particular client, I asked why I was picking up a strong vibe surrounding, say, her wanting to open an antique store. Immediately, she responds, “Wow! How did you know that? I’ve never told a soul that, not even my best friends or family.” You see, all you really have to do is fill in the blanks for yourself and the thoughts are submitted. So, once I was on track with her intention (to open an antique store), I was able to receive insights that would move her further ahead in that direction. As long as she is open to the information, she will have choices and/or actions to take along the way (such as a friend expressing interest to invest) that will lead to her opening her business.

I like my tagline: Live life by your design. And just remember, it all starts with one important step: Fill in the blanks.

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  1. Tracy

    For something we take for granted every moment -Sometimes we all forgot to breathe. Situations always feels different when I remember to breathe!
    My favorite blog of yours is the Egg Rolls!

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