Don’t Forget to Breathe

Today’s blog is gonna be deep…as in deep breaths. Too many of us forget to breathe properly with hearty inhales and exhales. Yet, we’re puzzled why at times we become stressed, lifeless and unfocused. Our bodies need that oxygen to create strong, vibrant energy to send to our brains, hearts and other organs.

I take yoga twice a week and my talented instructor, Dennis, is constantly reminding the class to breathe, even when we are caught up in a world of physical body poses like downward facing dog, upward facing dog and peeing dog (there’s a more formal term, but it escapes me now). That’s because yoga involves mind, body and spirit. Breathing properly is key for all three elements to come together. It’s the glue! You can do all of the intense yoga positions you want, but if you’re not utilizing your breath, then something’s gonna be out of whack. That goes for any physical activity, like cleaning house or shoveling snow.

Anytime my head is a little cluttered, I simply stop and take some deep, purifying breaths. The kind that start with a stir in my belly, then race through my chest and reach the furthermost top of my head. And, then comes the exhale, which provides the gratifying release of any bottled up negative energy. I do this while in yoga, I do this while watching television, and I definitely do it when I’m stuck in traffic!

If you want to take it a step further, then I suggest meditation. President Kennedy was famous for his 15-minute power naps while in the Oval Office. If he found time to refresh, then so can all of us. Find a quite spot, close your eyes and calmly relax. Focus on your breath as you allow yourself to revive. In doing so, you’ll find that your outlook is brighter and your abilities are stronger. Many spiritualists have CDs that provide guided meditations (I use several, including those by John Holland and James Van Praagh). For more insights on meditation, check out my friend Jim Gross’ blog:

Prior to doing an intuitive consultation for a client, I always meditate. In doing so, I am more receptive to visions and messages that I will ultimately share. It’s not a job requirement, it’s just a practice that I embrace. A practice that brings me closer to myself and all other things that are of God.

So, without sounding too much like a lesson from TV’s “Sesame Street,” remember: Today’s letter is B…like in breathe! Pretty elementary, huh?!

Love and light,




4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Breathe

  1. Jim Gross

    Another great post, Tony. And many thanks for the cross reference to my mindfulness meditation blog (the web site here contains more info. on classes/groups, etc.) Breath is literally the root of our energy—and not by accident, in our Western languages, breath and inspire/inspiration share the same root. Our breathing literally inspires our lives—and our consciousness/awareness. To be aware of the intuitive fields (the area of your deep insight/understanding) ever present in our lives–but elusive to monkey mind–mindful breath can be the key to both the energy and the stillness to let intuitive wisdom grow—the wonderful gift you offer your clients.

  2. Lois Ireson

    Great post Tony. The ‘B’ of the ABCD confidence model is always the one that people rush over, yet it can be the most beneficial. I love your point about JFK. Time to take a breather….

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