My Filing Cabinets

Like any profession, being an intuitive requires work. And patience. And practice. And focus. When I made the decision to pursue my gift over three and a half years ago, I had a feeling that it was going to be a life-changing experience (all good) from the get-go.

We all approach our jobs in ways which are ideal to our unique styles and attributes. Since many of my intuitive consultation clients have asked, “How do you do it?”, I thought I’d share how I engage myself in my practice. First of all, I’m open to it. I’m not afraid or worried, because I’ve stated my positive intentions: to receive and perceive information (actual symbols, phrases, words, imagery, smells, reactions, etc.) that will foster my own growth, help others and aid the planet. So, one might say that my intentions fall into four buckets, or “filing cabinets.” I use the term “filing cabinets” because it’s a way for me to keep the data organized, much like one would do in a typical office.

My first cabinet is one that I set aside for what I call my expanding library of symbols, phrases, etc., which are used in consultations. For example, when I became aware of my gift, I started seeing and thus, collecting, a variety of images: a duck in a chair (sitting duck), a seesaw (decision), a person running and leaping over a pistol (jump the gun) and dozens of others. This library, which grows daily, has been a tremendous resource for me when facilitating sessions. As certain cues come up, they assist in getting to the core of the matter that needs to be addressed.

Some of the messages that I receive are clearly for me: upcoming opportunities or concerns that will require choices or action (or not) on my part to move ahead (or not) based on what it is that I’m working with the universe to manifest. Other times, I’m shown relatively quick validations – sometimes they can be quite funny, as my spiritual guide (more about that subject in a later blog post) does have a sense of humor.

When I focus on clients – typically with a meditation prior to consultations – I receive information that is designed for their paths…or what it is they would like to manifest in their lives. Typically, more information comes through to me during actual sessions while working with clients’ energies. The types of information, not the specific messages, are similar to what I receive for myself; I just have to file in a different cabinet!

I also receive information that is intended for larger audiences or masses. I’ve seen crime scenes (almost like a mini-movie), information about social concerns like child abuse, and yes, even things like earthquakes. Going forward, I’ll be using my blog to address some of these topics that are clearly meant for wider audiences. As you can imagine, this particular “filing cabinet” is one that I don’t take lightly. As I share this information in the future, it’s my hope that we all take even more responsibility in healing our planet and bringing more love and light to the world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to one my cabinets as I have a client consultation coming up this afternoon!

Love and light,




6 thoughts on “My Filing Cabinets

  1. Travis

    Thanks for some insight into how you make it happen. Love the blog and I’m instantly a fan! We’ve known each other for about five years now, and I can honestly say my life is better for it. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Laura

    I am enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write it. You have always had special talents. I should know…I’ve known you since Kindergarten. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Little Ms. Laura Sunshine!! Thanks for reading. Nice to know we ALL have special talents that we can share….you have done some much in the healing arts and sciences as a caregiver…Love to you and Merry Christmas too!

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