The Hills Are Alive, Again!

Brown paper packages tied up with string and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes are returning to select theaters April 19th and 22nd for the 50th Anniversary of the mega-musical, The Sound of Music. A beloved film, it also brings back special memories to me.

In the early ’70s, my late grandmother took me to see it at the local popcorn palace. Shortly after the Von Trapps climbed the majestic mountain at the end, my grandmother said, “One day, I’d love to visit where they made that picture!” By the late ’80s, thanks to a treasure trove of frequent flier miles, I was able to fulfill hear wish. At age 65, she embarked on her first international trip to see the movie’s Austrian backdrop and famous locales. Upon her return home to Alabama, a reporter for the daily newspaper even did a full-page feature about her cinematic adventures.

My grandmother’s headline-making trip was just the beginning. Before turning 70, she returned to Europe not once, but twice to tour such cities as Prague, Vienna, Munich, Venice and Rome. She later shared with me, “I guess you’re never too old to see the world.”

Perhaps, my grandmother had become one of the wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings!

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My late grandmother touring scenic locales of The Sound of Music

My late grandmother touring scenic locales of The Sound of Music


12 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive, Again!

  1. Kaye

    I LOVE THIS!! I too got to take the ‘Sound of Music Tour’! My husband was gracious enough to indulge me while we were living overseas! It was great! We took a tour bus, with a tour guide dressed like Maria, visited all of the sites and had a sing-along. It was magical to me!! My husband is a KEEPER because even though he will never understand my fascination, indulged my dream – even if he did roll his eyes a few times!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

  2. Dianna

    Thanks for sharing this great story and picture of your grandmother, Tony! She was fortunate to have you as a grandson, and what a wonderful gift you gave her which inspired her to travel the world even more. I was lucky enough to travel to Salzburg a few years ago and go on the Sound of Music tour which still holds very special memories. I hope to see the movie on the big screen this weekend — just love it!

    1. Tony Post author

      Dianna – there is something magical about that movie. Glad you had such an amazing experience. I’ll be in the theater this weekend too!

  3. Cristine Garner

    I remember when you were active in a movie review club in high school Tony and so this does not surprise me that you and your grandmother had this adventure. I was introduced to The Sound Of Music by my grandmother while visiting her lake cottage in Michigan. I can still remember sitting by a crackling fire eating old fashioned popped corn with my cousins at grandma’s cottage while we all excitedly talked about this great movie we had just seen as we sang the songs. My grandma sang a very sweet rendition of Edelweiss. One of my favorite movies if all time!

    1. Tony Post author

      Wow! I love your story! There must be something about grandmothers and that movie. I’m seeing it again this Sunday on the big screen and I’m sure my grandmother’s presence will be around! And, I love Edelweiss!

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