The Naked Truth

In my psychic medium practice, I tell clients that medium energy is when I unite with a spiritual source and serve as a conduit for messages. While I never know, when that might occur, the results are typically uplifting and comforting. I’d like to share one of my most revealing medium experiences.

A professional lady in her early 50s from Chicago contacted me to schedule a phone consultation. During the meditation that I conducted prior to her actual session, a spirit came through who I felt was her mother. The entity proceeded to give messages for me to relay to her daughter.

Sure enough, shortly into the reading, I asked if her mother had recently passed. The client confirmed, “Yes, just three months ago. I miss her terribly.”

Continuing, I shared with her the special words and visions that her late mother’s spirit had delivered during my earlier meditation. The client validated the sometimes unique (“Why did your mom show me Oreo cookies being sopped in beer?”) insights.

“Oh my God! My mother attempted to deep fry beer-battered Oreos once,” she squealed over the phone. “I will never forget it; the kitchen was a total mess, but it was a hoot watching her try!”

Then, the late mother’s spirit returned during the actual session (which frequently happens) and offered more information. “Your mom’s back,” I told the client. “She’s really funny!” Pausing while a new vision came into my mind’s eye, I asked, “Why is she showing me an image of her laughing and splashing around in a lake? Does that mean something to you?”

The woman burst into laughter. “Oh, yes! My kids called her the grandmother who skinny dipped!”

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    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks! This was one of the most fun medium experiences I’ve ever had so far! The client was thrilled and, she said it the experience put a smile on her face too!!

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