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A tarot card deck is a form of divination that appeared as far back as medieval times, but whose origins remain a mystery. I use a more contemporary version, The Psychic Tarot, designed by the internationally renowned psychic medium John Holland, in my work. Now, before you start imagining me as a blackjack dealer shuffling cards in Vegas, I don’t focus exclusively on tarot as my means to connect with clients during intuitive sessions (I rely more on meditation and energy exchange). Nonetheless, the deck is a tool that I utilize to enhance those meetings.

Prior to a consultation (either in-person or over the phone), I focus on the client and select a tarot card (sometimes more than one, depending on the energy of the first) from my deck (it has to be my deck because my energy is connected to those cards). With 65 different outcomes, the messages contained in the cards offer insights to a overall themes that will resonate with people and their current situations. For example, a few weeks ago, I pulled “New Beginnings” for a client. During my mediation prior to the session, I received images and symbols that felt like opportunities for growth and exploration. Everything was validated when we had our conversation, as most of what was discussed kept coming back to “New Beginnings.”

There are other spiritual specialists (try saying that five times fast) who use tarot on a much deeper level. I have a friend in Palm Springs who analyzes not only the meanings of traditional tarot, but also the numbers (yes, they’re numbered) associated with the cards and the importance of the numerals as they relate to the calendar cycle. He also incorporates the study of a person’s astrological sign into the mix. I’ve attended one of his day-long workshops and it was a fascinating study. After his class, I determined the way I wanted to incorporate The Psychic Tarot into my practice.

I also crack open the deck for yours truly as well. Typically, each morning I simply ask “What do I WANT guidance on today?” Today’s selection: “Prosperity Begins,” which alludes to beginnings, wealth and new business. And, without much effort, I’ll keep my radar alert to signs, prompts and activities throughout the day that are connected to that particular card.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Prosperity awaits!

Love and light,






6 thoughts on “Pick A Card

  1. Jay Zaltzman

    Great post, Tony. I had to laugh about imagining you as “a blackjack dealer shuffling cards in Vegas” … not exactly how I think of you!

  2. Mickey

    Hi Tony, My mother read Tarot Cards for many years and they indeed held meaning in every reading. She tought me to read, to some extent. We even witch wells together with either steel rods or willow. We had a very strong connection. It’s been many years since she has read. However I still have her worn Cards wrapped and safely stashed away. Maybe someday I will do a little research and see if I can give a proper reading. Who knows? Thanks Tony for bringing back a fond memory of my mom. Be well! Michael

    1. Tony Post author

      How wonderful that you have something so special that belonged to your mother. And, even more so, something with which you both shared and learned. Maybe, time now for you to share with others : )

  3. Joseph Litsch

    I love you and I miss you a lot. I know you already know that but sometimes it does a body to say it and hear it…and I felt like saying it. I even said it aloud, so I heard it as well. Tony Morries from Enterprise, AL, I love you!

    1. Tony Post author

      Ahhh, this made my day! You are a dear, dear friend and have always been there for me…and so many others. Love you too! (And, you’re right…it does do a body good to say it!)

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