Animal Instincts – Part 2

One of my first entries (Animal Instincts) focused on how creatures great and small have a keen sense when it comes to intuition. Bucky, my lab-mix, whom I adopted 15 years ago, has often clued me in to energies of which he was aware. I witnessed the most amazing example of his ability this month!

Nearly three weeks ago, I made arrangements for a mobile groomer to come to my home and give Bucky his first professional doggie-do (up until then, I was the one who gave him baths – and most of the time, I  walked away drenched with more soap and water than the dog!). When I opened the door and saw the pleasant young lady waiting to take Bucky out to her parked trailer, my pet darted away from the foyer and into another room – a highly unusual reaction given my dog’s affection for guests. I joined the groomer outside and watched while she set up her portable wash-a-teria. When I returned inside to get Bucky, he was on the floor shaking uncontrollably and growling nervously. I calmed him down and he eventually eased into his pampering. But, his startled look stayed with me, as this was a sight I’d never seen since we’d shared the same roof.

Last Friday, before I drove to nearby LaQuinta to do a series of intuitive sessions, I walked Bucky out to the first palm tree at the end of the driveway so he could “water the lawn.” As he finished, a truck came down the road, swerved and stopped suddenly. At that time, I saw what had occurred: an unleased dog had been struck by the vehicle. Quickly, I scurried Bucky into the condo and went back outside to offer help. The lady driving the truck was visibly upset as she ran back to check on the animal, “Oh, no, I’ve never hit a dog before! He came out of nowhere,” she cried.

“Let’s get the dog out of the street,” I told the driver. Together, as I repeated “healing energy, healing energy, healing energy,” we carefully transported the dog to it’s owner’s car, which was parked a few yards away. I gave the grieving pet owner directions to the closest vet and she drove away, while I placed my arm around the woman who had been driving the truck. Minutes later, she gained composure and departed.

When I finally went back inside, Bucky was doing a repeat performance from earlier this month: shaking like a frightened child. I knelt down and hugged him, because I then realized how his incensed energy was connected to what had just happened. You see, the same woman driving the truck which hit the dog was Bucky’s groomer.

In honor of those who care for animals and in loving memory of our treasured pets and the places they’ll always have in our hearts.

Love and light,




10 thoughts on “Animal Instincts – Part 2

    1. Tony Post author

      The scene happened so fast that is was really about comforting all parties – the injured animal, the pet owner and the driver of the vehicle…and Bucky, of course!

  1. Marcus

    Great post, Tony. You’re so right about animals (and childrens) keen sense of intuition. Our lab-mix Maggie (remember her?) had a great knack for sensing when her owners needed lots of affection vs. some alone time. And the last time she got very ill, our 5-year-old son sensed she was going to leave us – and he was especially loving to her in her last few days. It was an incredible – and incredibly sad – thing to witness.

    We really enjoy your posts – please keep them coming. And give the Buckster a good scratch behind the ears!

    1. Tony Post author

      Of course I remember Maggie! And, what a good point you make about CHILDREN and animals! Thanks so much for reading and subscribing…really appreciate it! And, Bucky says hi!

  2. Joseph Litsch

    Hello dear Tony…I’ve long believed that animals are blessed with intuitive powers we humans just do not understand, and now and then we see and/or hear incidents that rip your heart out. For example, did you see the footage taken by a survelience camera over a multi-lane highway. A small dog, trying to cross the busy highway, was hit by one car, then another and was lying in the highway. From the shoulder of the road another little dog rushed to the injured dog and pulled it to safety. And, the most amazing thing was the rescuer did not use his teeth to hold onto the injured dog. He held him with his front paws and backed off the highway. By now motorists saw them and were stopping. Some highway workers, watching the whole scenario, stopped their work and rushed down to take the injured dog to a vet. Oh, the rescuer had to go, too, because he would not leave his friend. That’s real loyalty and love.

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