A Spirited Encounter

When I’ve popped into the neighborhood liquor store on occasion to pick up aromatic bitters to mix-up manhattans (okay, and a bottle of Gentleman Jack too!), I’ve always received a friendly greeting from Raza, the Middle-Easterner cashier. Last week, I stopped again for “bitters” and I as I was about to enter the store, I heard in my head, “I’m gonna tell Raza about what I do.” Now mind you, never before have I ever even considered sharing my intuitive background with this man. Nonethess, I heard a message.

Once at the counter, Raza asked in perfect English, “How have you been, sir?” With his cordial question, I had a choice to make as to how I’d reply.

“I’ve been great. I’ve been writing a blog and,” then I shifted. “Raza, I’ve never told you that I’m an intuitive, a psychic, have I?” Realizing that wasn’t exactly the type of chit-chat he receives on his shift, he stopped bagging my purchase and looked intently at me and shook his head, no. The mood then got brighter than the neon signs hanging in the windows.

For the next 30 minutes, as other customers dashed in and out, I stood at the counter having an amazing conversation about spirituality and intuition with someone I’d only seen briefly maybe twice a month. And, what I liked best about the talk was the interaction: we both asked questions and we both provided answers. Before I left, a specific word came to me that I knew I was meant to share with my friend. Not surprisingly, that one word led to a brief discussion about a subject on which he’d been contemplating.

Who knew that amidst bottles of gin, tequila, vodka and bourbon (and bitters), I’d have such a spirited encounter?!

Love and light,





10 thoughts on “A Spirited Encounter

  1. Travis

    Tony–Thanks for speaking up and reaching out to me in early 2007. I’ve been a better person for it ever since.

    And a Gentleman Jack manhattan sounds great…two cherries please!

  2. Chris

    Great post. Just a thought on a perfect manahattan (yes, now I’m thirsty), subsititue Tuaca for sweet vermouth, use orange bitters and an orange twist for garnish! Good to the last sip!

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