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In our professions, we all have tools of the trade. As a psychic medium intuitive counselor, I use the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck cards, which help me identify overarching themes on behalf of a client. And, there’s a story behind why I purchased that particular box.

Four years ago, I walked into Crystal Fantasy, Palm Springs’ prominent spiritual/new thought store and enlightenment center. My mission: buy a deck of Angel Oracle cards. A good friend had used them as a source for daily guidance and I thought they might benefit me in my newly chosen (at times, I feel as though it chose me) career. When I asked the cashier to point me in the direction of their location, she advised, “We have a large selection of oracle and guidance cards. Check them all and see if a box in particular speaks to you.”

She wasn’t kidding about the variety, as the kiosk was chock-full, including the Angel Oracle cards, which I picked up first. In the middle of the shop, I quietly asked, “Are these the ones for me?” My mind’s eye, where I receive intuitive visions, showed a side-to-side motion, indicating the answer was ‘no’ or ‘don’t.’ Somewhat surprised, given those cards were the reason why I was there in the first place, I continued to grab one different box after another. And, each was greeted with the same intuitive reaction, the side-to-side motion, ‘no.’

I was ready to call it quits when I saw a sole deck hidden deep behind a group of neatly arranged boxes. I reached my hand to the very rear of the kiosk and snatched the out of place set. I held the box firmly and asked again, “Are these the ones for me?” This time, my mind’s eye received an up and down motion, signaling, ‘yes’ or ‘do.’ In my hands were the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, created by noted psychic medium John Holland (whom I’d just seen give a presentation at a Hay House conference a week earlier).

Now, it was time to pay the cashier. “Well, you were right: a deck did speak to me,” I told the young lady. “But, the box was tucked away and in the wrong section.”

She looked at my selection and grinned. “This morning, I was straightening up all of the cards and noticed that this box was in the wrong spot. But, something just told me to leave it there undisturbed. Now, I know why. You were meant to find this deck,” she said. “By the way,” the clerk added, “this deck is often used by those who have strong psychic abilities.”

Now, each day, I shuffle the cards like a dealer in Reno and let my intuitive energy go to work. And, allow them to speak to me!

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