Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Having dinner parties: love or loathe? Yesterday, a friend and I examined the details of throwing one and how the host could best enjoy the occassion too, instead of fretting. Personally, the right mix of guests tends to put my mind at ease. And, that made me think: What five, living spiritual/universal thinking notables would I invite over to break bread? Here’s my list:

1) Richard Bach – His best-selling novel, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which was made into a film in the 70s, changed my life. The story of a bird who defied the norm to explore opportunities that would enhance his total existence, Bach’s narrative hit my emotional bulls-eye. His treasure trove of other spiritual/philosophical written works include Illusions, Once and Messiah’s Handbook. His latest, Illusions II, was published this year. (I just ordered it. So, naturally, I’d want him to sign my copy when he shows for supper.)

2) Shirley MacLaine – An honored entertainer and actress whom I might ask to dish up Hollywood tales over dessert, Shirley MacLaine also gained attention (and acclaim) for her personal accounts of spiritual growth. Not one to withhold a thirst for discovery, she’s shared her learnings and experiences through public appearances, her website and in more than a dozen penned books, including the eye-opening Out on a Limb and her latest, What If…

3) Makana – I was blown away the first time I heard this musician/singer perform four and a half years ago in Hawaii. Several concerts and CDs (including his latest, Ripe) later, he continues to amaze. A native islander, Makana honors his ancestors and their music (he was featured on the soundtrack to the film, The Descendants) with his spiritually-defining vocal interpretations and his mastery of the slack key guitar (perhaps he’d bring it to dinner?!). Too, through his songwriting and other prose, he shares his soulful philosophies on love, life, spirituality and he we can all be better stewards of the planet.

4) Theresa Caputo – She’s the star of TLC’s Long Island Medium, the popular TV show where people are reconnected spiritually with loved ones who have transitioned. Using her communicative gift, Theresa receives messages from the other side that help her clients resolve concerns, heal emotional wounds and advance their lives. And, with her bubbly personality, she’d probably be tons of fun during my dinner’s cocktail hour.

5) Neil deGrasse Tyson – This man is out there (literally). A noted professor of astrophysics (he served at Princeton, among other places), he’s built an impressive resume of exploring beyond Earth. In addition to authoring ten books on the subject, including his latest, Space Chronicles, Tyson has residency on the new TV project, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey. He’s also a NASA go-to guy and was appointed to serve on presidential commissions about U.S. space travel. At my gathering, just think of the scientific insights he’d bring to the table (again, literally) about non-physical and non-earthbound dimensions.

So, that’s my invitation list. Who’d be on yours? And, do you have suggestions for a menu that I could prepare?

Hmmm. Me? Cook? On second thought, maybe I should just order Chinese takeout!

Love and light,



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