Gotta Start Somewhere!

I became aware of my psychic medium intuitive gifts nearly six years ago, but didn’t dive into my practice right away. After all, I still had my corporate job and wasn’t ready to announce in a boardroom, “You ain’t gonna believe what’s happened to me!” So, for about a year (until the last Fortune 500 gig in Kentucky ended), I dabbled on the side with my abilities. Here are a few moments from those early days:

A Tale of Two Cities – While having dinner with a company intern, he expressed that his wife and he were interested in staying in Louisville after his term was over. I replied, “Well, if it’s not Louisville, it’ll be Portland, Oregon.”

His jaw dropped. “Wow! Portland’s the other place we’re thinking about!”

Bunny Hop – During a phone conversation with a friend who’d recently relocated to Los Angeles, I received a sketchy mental vision of a nudie centerfold. So, I asked, “Why would I be seeing what looks like something out of Playboy?” She had no answer. But, two days later, my friend called with a bulletin: she’d received an invitation to a party at Hugh Hefner’s famous mansion!

Hit and Run – While having manhattans one evening, I told a colleague, with whom I’d shared my psychic news, that I had an intuitive vision of a man running to him and hitting him on the shoulder, followed by my friend bolting away. I also added that the scenario didn’t feel violent. He thought for a moment and replied, “Oh!I know what that is! I’m still trying to decide if I want to be in a 13-mile tag relay race for charity next weekend! The other guys who’d be on my team were asking me today for an answer!”

In The Swim of Things – Early on, I also received insights for myself. While meditating behind closed office doors during lunch, I was mentally shown the Olympic rings and a person diving into a pool! I pushed away my turkey sandwich and asked aloud, “Greg Louganis? Am I going to meet Greg Louganis?” I’ve since met the Olympic gold medal winner three times.

It was after my first encounter with Louganis that I decided to dive into my new career.

Love and light,



6 thoughts on “Gotta Start Somewhere!

  1. Chris

    Great post Tony. I’m sure you have many amazing moments. My “Tony” story was the phone call you made to me regarding my grandmother……Much love!

  2. Debi

    Tony YOU ARE the REAL DEAL! I saw it in you years ago and I am so thrilled that you have chosen to take this path! By doing so you have helped hundreds of people and will continue to do so with your work. You truly are the light, the love and the beautiful spirit you have allowed yourself to be. Thank you for teaching others that they too can do the same.


    Make it another terrific day!

    1. Tony Post author

      Wow! This made my day! Considering if I hadn’t met you just over six years ago, who knows what might have happened! So thankful that you are in my life and for the inspiration that you share! Love you!

  3. Beth


    This is great! What a GREAT GIFT you have! I have more than one “Tony” moment—-remember when I was all sad because Jeff had been unemployed for 4 years and I was working in Kansas? (16 hours away from all my family) You said “Don’t worry—-you will be living in another state soon and Jeff will have a job”—–And here we are in lovely Dothan, Alabama—–with my wonderful family all here around me!! WOW!! GOOSE BUMPS!! And remember what you said about Heath BEFORE I ever said a word??? MORE GOOSE BUMPS!!! Love you Tony. V V

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Honey!! I do remember those talks! And, your positive energy, prayer, thoughts manifested your desired outcome. So happy for you! xoxo – Tony

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