Summer Predictions

I’ve mentioned before that I receive psychic visions/insights regarding issues for the general population. In the past, I’ve predicted the uprising in Egypt, groups of Catholic nuns revolting, same-sex marriage gaining momentum and public school lunch programs addressing child obesity, among others. Here are two predictions, based on visions that I’ve received recently, for the summer.

Egypt Part 2 – The protests and turmoil that’s happened in Egypt will continue. But, I expect they will now have more of an impact on other countries, including the United States. There seems to be a connection between what’s happening over there and a major New York City building – like Rockefeller Center or United Nations. I’m not picking up signals of destruction, but I am intuitively hearing the word, “mandate.”

Cult – This past week, I’ve seen in my psychic eye repeated images of “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” I’m sensing that a major cult (not as orchestrated as, say, the Jim Jones mass suicide ordeal) will be unearthed soon. I’ve also seen video cameras and other surveillance equipment involved.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of Spring as it leads the way to the warmer months ahead.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Predictions

    1. Tony Post author

      Thank you so much! It’s always interesting when I get these large-scale messages. I have a choice to make – do I share my insights or not? I choose to share. It’s what I know I’m supposed to do. xoxo

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