Zone Out

We’ve heard the term, “comfort zone,” which is, well, a comfortable way of saying, “no worries.” But, is it really?

There’s nothing wrong with being relaxed and content in life, but one wants to pay attention when the mood becomes far too programatic. (This is often one reason why a client books a psychic intuitive consultation with me.) Consider life on a hamster wheel: We’d be familiar with the routine and know what to expect. But, would we be fulfilled? (I, for one, would be dizzy!) Yet, a hamster wheel is akin to a comfort zone. It’s what we know. It’s to what we’ve adjusted.

Over the years, I’ve identified and charged through some of my comfort zones. Sure, it felt weird the first time, but that emotion eventually faded. Soon, I began to experience and learn so much more. I’ve applied this approach in many facets of my life: career, education, geographical location and relationships. Looking back, I can’t imagine not taking those leaps into new territory.

So, I propose we change the phrasing a bit. If you find it difficult to break out of your comfort zone. Replace the wording with, moving into your growth potential.

Is it time to lift your self-imposed zoning ordinance?

Love and light


13 thoughts on “Zone Out

  1. Mary Rhoads

    I love the expression: the only thing in life that is constant is change. I’ve moved around most of my adult life meeting new people, enjoying different cultures, learning new jobs (had a hard time with walkiie talkies ), fixing up a new residences, on and on and wouldn’t have traded my life style for the “comfort zone” but I also respect those that wouldn’t have lived my life style.

  2. Catherine T Measle

    I found myself in a rut several years back; I thought I was happy and contempt but I was so very wrong. I knew I had to make changes in my life but I was scared to be starting over at my “age”. It has been difficult at times and I wanted to give up, but I kept going realizing I didn’t just want to exist. I wanted to be happy, enjoy life, and live it to the fullest. I can honestly say I am at a better place in my life at my age and all it took was the first step and mind over matter!

  3. Beth

    Tony, I definitely stay in the same routine. My joy is my family. The rest is just the same daily routine. I need to think about this and work on it. Thank you. Love, V V

  4. Eric Aarons

    One of the most powerful things my therapist ever said to me: “Often we continue to live with what is familiar, even when we know it is not right for us.”
    Her words forever changed the way I would chose to live my life.

    1. Tony Post author

      Wow! Those are powerful words. It takes courage and commitment to break a cycle and carve out an exciting new path of growth. Good for you!!

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