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A friend recently announced, “I’m entering a new chapter,” indicating she’d taken steps to embrace life’s opportunities for self expansion.

My response: “New chapters are often hard to put down.” It’s true; for once a decision is made to move forward, positive forces will keep the momentum building. Our number one job during these situations is to remain focused. Focused not only on our mission, but our belief in that mission. And, that’s not a light assignment. Focus requires attention and dedication, as there can be a mine field of distractions and temptations to mar our vision. And, I hate to say it: one of those nasty interferences can be self-created. It’s called, doubt, and it’s the worst example of working against yourself.

In my friend’s case, she’d just moved to a new city; actually, it was a reunion with one in which she had lived previously. While friends and family are now just blocks or a few miles away providing a support network, she approached her homecoming as an entry into new discoveries. She didn’t see it as returning to her old haunts to simply pick up where she’d left off years ago. But, the familiar surroundings did give her a springboard to establish momentum for growth. While some uncertainty exists in any new endeavor, she made the choice to block out doubt. “It has no place in my life,” she enthused.

I applaud her and people, like my pal, who empower themselves to move forward. Perhaps, it’s because I can relate: I made a decision five years ago after my last corporate job ended to pursue my psychic medium career. It was one of the boldest moves of my life.

However, at the time, it didn’t feel as though I was entering a new chapter. It was a whole new book!

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