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“Can you tell me if I’m gonna meet somebody?” is a question I’ve been asked repeatedly already this year during clients’ intuitive consultations. And, others go a step further, “Am I going to fall in love?” While I’m not Cupid, I have been able to give insights into people’s romantic paths. For example, I told a white woman who was a newly divorcee that she would date a Latino. Two months later, bingo! In another instance, I relayed to a guy that he could expect a singer to be an upcoming love interest. Again, bingo! However, my guidance often extends beyond physical or personality descriptions.

Some love matches are a direct shot to the heart: The way in which the couple meet and everything unfolds appears to be as easy as ABC. I’d be willing to bet that it’s because both parties are open to and ready for what all’s involved in a relationship. Other connections happen in an indirect fashion, meaning other lessons, experiences or priorities come into play prior to the mating call being answered.

In both cases, the lovebirds want to attract companionship into their lives. That’s a great start! But, they should be clear about what and whom they want to attract. This step can help avoid unfavorable hookups. Why would folks seek out Xerox copies of former lovers who depleted them of their self-esteem? Yet, it happens either by force of habit or because they failed to request new, original love interests. Predictably, they scratch their heads as to why they’re not happy with their choices. Ideally, their passions will eventually take charge and steer them to what it is they truly desire in relationships.

When it comes to matters of the heart, I’ve also heard from a few clients, “Why haven’t I met someone yet?” The way in which the question is posed creates a different energy vibe: It’s insinuating (perhaps unknowingly) that something must be wrong. Enquiring about love in such a way could be because those people think and engage in their day-to-day affairs with more of a negative slant. With a little practice, that’s something that can be adjusted. After all, wouldn’t most of us want to arrive at a social gathering with a smile instead of a constipated look on our face? Creating a more positive outlook in our daily approach, will draw more of the same to us – even in amorous activities.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, just remember in order to thrive in a love life, one should love life!

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  1. Mike

    An aproppos special Tuesday edition! The way in which the couple meet appears to be as easy as ABC, but it was also ABC who sang, “Who broke my heart? You did, you did. Bow to the target. Blame Cupid, Cupid.” So many layers, Tony.

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