What The Bleep?!

One of the most irritating noises to me is a smoke detector continuing to “bleep” until it’s checked, typically, a signal to replace the battery. When this happened in my home recently, I knew it wasn’t the alarm in the kitchen, as I’d put a fresh one in it two weeks ago. So, it had to be the detector located near the den. I soon discovered that the bleeping was connected to spiritual energy. Welcome to my world.

One way spiritual energy can communicate with physical beings is by infusing with electrical forces and circuitry. Spirits do this in hope of delivering a message or simply just to let loved ones know that he or she is still around, just not in a traditional form. I’ve had lights flicker, clock radios play and ceiling fans whirl – all without my ever touching a button. The smoke detector incident was a first. And, when these activities occur, I’m not freaked out. It’s part of my job, which is to understand how I can potentially receive and relay intuitive insights. I guess word gets around in the spiritual plane that I’m a go-to guy or middle-man to handle those tasks.

Perhaps, some of my readers have had similar experiences. It’s not unusual. Meaning, you don’t have to be a psychic-medium for spiritual energy to pay you a visit. I’ve heard many stories of this sort of activity happening, specifically at funerals. At my late grandfather’s service a few years ago, all the overhead lights in the chapel blinked a few times as the minister approached the lectern. Moments later, just before the soloist sang, the sound system crackled. Knowing my grandfather’s sense of humor, it was his way of saying, “I’m in the house! I’m not about to miss out on my own funeral!”

Speaking of grandparents, both my grandfather and my late grandmother’s spirits dropped by last September, the night I was hosting a viewing of my “Wheel of Fortune” debut. I’d relocated the TV to the living room and even rearranged the furniture to make it easier for the 20 or so guests to watch. Two minutes prior to the airing, the TV went completely dark. I wasn’t surprised; “Wheel” was my grandparents’ favorite show, so I knew it had to be their collective energy trying to communicate with me. In front of friends, I acknowledged their spiritual presence, flipped a cable box switch and the TV came back on! I responded by thanking my grandparents for “being there” that evening and that I loved them. The TV set went blank once more! And, then it came back on immediately by itself. Message delivered and received.

Getting back to the smoke detector ordeal. Here’s a sure-fire indication that spiritual energy was involved. When I dislocated the bleeping gizmo from the ceiling, there wasn’t even a battery inside.

Love and light,




8 thoughts on “What The Bleep?!

  1. Chris

    Wow..great post. My fire alarm went off one day while I was at work, twice according to my house guest – I came home and shut it off, it hasn’t made a sounds since. I need to have a think about the messsage I was supposed to be receiving…

    1. Tony Post author

      For sure, think about it some! For me, I sensed it was my grandfather paying me another visit. His spiritual energy is pretty strong…and has twist of humor : )

  2. kurt

    so it was the grandparents! and i thought you didn’t hook up the cables correctly! it was a lovely party and and i’m glad that your grandparents attended.

    1. Tony Post author

      Remember, the TV was working fine and then it just went black?! And, I said, “Oh, this is my grandparents…this was their favorite show” …Good news, the TV came back in time : )

  3. Jane Conrad

    Tony, yours must be a very interesting life to live. I am very curiously interested in how psychics cope with all the real world input PLUS the spiritual world input. It seems as if that would overload your circuits, especially since no one knows what time of the day or night one will receive a message from the spiritual world. I admire that you are able to cope with and effortlessly manage both worlds. Just saying….

    1. Tony Post author

      At first, it was somewhat challenging, but I’ve settled into a groove now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still work, though! Just last night, I woke up at 2 am and notice that my washing machine was lit up and ready to start washing! Needless to say, that got my attention!

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