Another Day, Another Dimension

When we dream, our minds enter into a dimension or spiritual intelligence level that is far different than our daily earthbound lives. In dream state, minds are free to explore passions, desires and fears. This week, my mind had an experience of yet another dimension. I’d like to share what happened.

Some of you may recall a post a few months ago entitled, What We Pine For, where I discussed our pineal glan, a tiny organ in our brains. Dr. Rick Strassman authored a best-selling book, DMT The Spirit Molecule, in which he theorizes that the gland not only secretes Melatonin (related to sleep patterns) but also dimethyltryptamine (DMT). He compares this natural, body-produced DMT enzyme to that of psychedelic compounds. Through the DMT generated by this tiny gland, the ability to open up to other spiritual realms – to include dreams, astral travel, psychic-medium ability, near-death experiences – is greater. My spiritual dimension encounter this week was one of the most far-reaching yet of my intuitive career.

Two evenings ago while resting, yet awake, in bed and with eyes closed, my mind began to travel in what I call, “warp speed” (a la Star Trek), with tiny lights flashing quickly by. When this starts, I’m aware that my mind is being transported to another dimension. But, the other night, the “warp speed” effect was twice as vivid and vibrant; it felt euphoric. An intense wave of energy not only surrounded my body, but I felt it within as well. Then, my mind burst through into a dimension I’d never visited before. I’d assumed a childlike version of myself, no older than six. With eyes still closed, my mind’s eye saw what appeared to be an enormous, black insect towering over me. I wasn’t afraid. It was as though the entity from another world was playing with me, like it was tickling my child self. And, I wanted to play back. Trouble was, I couldn’t physically extend my hands to do so in this dimension. So, I began to vocalize sounds, yet another attempt to communicate with this being. Well, I yelled so loud, that it snapped me out of what was taking place, and I came to in my bed. WTF? Right?

If I hadn’t read Dr. Strassman’s fascinating in-depth report on this topic, I might not have been so well adjusted. In the book, he documents cases of injected (versus our pineal gland’s natural secretion) DMT patient tests. These were administered by healthcare professionals and in the safe confines of medical facilities. Once the enzyme took effect, many of these patients also described encounters with large insect-looking creatures. I have to admit, when I read that portion of the book last year, it sounded like something out of a science-fiction movie. Now, I know better.

I share my story with you not to freak you out, but to illustrate that there are indeed so many other dimensions that exist. Meeting a giant insect wasn’t necessarily on my bucket list, but understanding and communicating with other dimensions certainly is.

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Dimension

  1. Beth

    Wow! That’s awesome Tony! Got a question for you—–I always have the same nightmares with the same people in it. I can’t go into detail here. (I will send you an e-mail with more detail) but could it be that some greater energy or being is trying to tell me something about my childhood that I blocked out? Thanks. Love you, V V

    1. Tony Post author

      I’m not an expert in dreams, but ones that have darker sides are usually connected to our fears and/or issues we’ve failed to resolve peacefully. Email me with more if you want.

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