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Nearly three months ago, I entered my second year as a blogger and am grateful for those who’ve taken the time to read my ramblings. Many of you who are new to the blog have asked for suggested older posts to read, perhaps wanting to catch up on topics already covered. So, here’s a sampling, or what one loyal subscriber called, my “greatest hits.” Below, please find the Top 5 posts and their location in the Month Archives (to the right of the screen).

1) For Bucky (August 2012) – A tribute to my 15-and-a-half year dog…and to all our pets. This post received, by far, the highest number of “hits” of all the entries. And, it’s my most heartfelt.

2) Wind Chimes (May 2012) – Inspired by a memorable poem first shared with me by my second grade teacher, this post addresses what’s real…even when we can’t “see it.”

3) Sharing Love (and Cabbage Rolls) This Season (December 2011) – Honoring the memory of my late grandmother (and her tasty cabbage rolls), this entry reminds us that communications with loved ones can continue even after they’ve made their transitions. (While you’re in December 2011, you may want to read My Filing Cabinets too, as it explains how I organize the psychic intuitive insights I receive.

4) Shirley MacLaine: Spiritual Superstar (January 2012) – She’s an accomplished actress and entertainer, but what impressed me the most when I saw Shirley MacLaine’s one-woman show last year was her understanding of spirituality and The Universe.

5) The Client (March 2012) – I conduct psychic intuitive sessions for people all over the country (in-person and over the phone), and some clients are new to the process. My job is to set their minds at ease so they can work with (i.e. make choices, erase barriers, etc.) the insights I receive.

Hope this mini-recap of previous posts makes it easier to read selected texts without having to scroll through the entire Archives. Don’t worry, there’s no pop quiz later!

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