Meet George Jetson!

“Being shown several times like I’m being pulled away from Earth. Observing from the sky/galaxy/outer space. Even shown astronaut floating around.” I entered that statement into my journal (or “log,” as Captain Kirk would call it) on May 25th, after having received similar intuitive visions a few days prior. Less than a week later, my subscription to New York magazine heralded a cover story about modern-day space travel.

It appears that we’re embarking on the Jetsons’ era. Leading the charge is Sir Richard Branson, the multi-billionaire entrepreneur, whose Virgin Galactic will launch passengers into space starting this year from its massive, neo-modern New Mexico facility. The price tag: $200,000 a pop – and there’s a waiting list of more than 500 people. The lengthy article also mentions that four other companies are waiting in the wings to offer their versions of such an experience.

Let’s revisit my earlier visions. Interestingly, it was my point-of-view from which I was saw the images that really registered with me. It was more like, I was a participant. For, if I was only a bystander, I would’ve seen the visions from a different angle: I’d been planted on the ground watching the craft blast off into the sky. Instead, I was being transported away from our planet, which eventually was reduced to the size of a tennis ball. Clearly, a difference.

Now, I’m not saying that it means I’m going to be defying gravity in the coming months. But, the strength of the visions, coupled with the budding space travel industry, is something I can’t ignore. And, my fascination with other dimensions and related communication capabilities continues to excel.

Regardless, I’d say the visions are certainly metaphors for life. In other words, the sky’s not the limit.

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