Another Terrorist Plots

The good news is that the terrorist will be caught. One of my recent intuitive insights showed a scruffy, bearded man being captured from what looks like a cave or perhaps an underground bunker. And, I feel as though this person and his regime are currently under surveillance. The bad news is he’s cunning and tricky, like a really bad 007 villain.

Related to the situation, I’ve received other intuitive visions of a complex passing as a massive solar energy operation in a foreign mountain range’s valley. Specifically, I saw buildings or platforms with large, flapping reflective panels. Miles away, but still within the same region, there appears to be a covert mission functioning beneath the planet’s surface. Somehow, I feel as though the two are linked. All of this will be demolished.

While we live in a time where war mongers like to stir up hate, let’s not forget that the millions who embody love, peace and compassion can do wonders. The strength of that positive energy’s (and, yes, power!) vibrational force has the ability to perform miracles. I choose to focus on that versus succumbing to a weakened mindset of fear.

Good can trump evil. And, will.

Love and light,





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