Predictions – On Location

About twice a year, I share intuitive insights that potentially impact the masses. Recently, I’ve been picking up signals that are connected to specific geographic locations. Here are a few:

1) Egypt – I feel as though this part of the world will experience more disruption. The land of the Pyramids will require much healing after destructive forces take toll. I wouldn’t book a vacation to Egypt this year.

2) Russia – The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held next February in picturesque Sochi. Expect security to be heightened at this celebrated sporting event. Officials should have air-tight plans (and backups) to thwart any terrorism plot that threatens to harm the spirit of the Games.

3) Australia – It’s not so much down under, as it is along the coast of Australia where I feel attention will be required. There will be an environmental concern, but it’ll be addressed quickly. Something like this has happened before, I just heard in my head. (That happens a lot to me!)

4) Chicago – For all the baseball fans, it appears that the Cubs will have a strong season. Play ball!

5) Easter Island – For months, I’ve been receiving images about the island located in the middle of the South Pacific. This August, I’ll be exploring the remote, 65-square-mile isle formally known as Rapa Nui. Personally, I know that this is the year for me to return (I was there in a previous life). More to come.

Let’s all make an effort to bring peace, harmony and positive energy to all pockets of the world. Our lives (past, present and future) will mean so much more if we do.

Love and light,





4 thoughts on “Predictions – On Location

  1. Beth

    Thanks Tony. I feel much better since I’ve been concentrating on positive energy, even on bad days and in tough situations—it and prayer (which I believe go hand in hand) really make a difference. Love you, V V

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks for reading. Like you, I make an effort everyday to have the most positive experience I can with what comes my way….yesterday was home improvement projects…nuff said : )

  2. Debi

    I am willing to bet that you are accurate with these predictions – with the exception of the Clubs – only because we are Red Socks fans! 🙂 By the way, the reading you did for me recently was incredibly right on the money!
    Thank you!!!

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