Sock It To Me!

Yesterday, while exercising, I wore a pair of socks that sported holes the size of Montana. Frayed strategically near the lower right ankle and left big toe, the feet coverings didn’t provide much comfort; instead, they generated a set of blisters.

The hosiery snafu prompted me to rifle through my sock drawer to find what other, uh, arch enemies, were waiting to do similar hoof damage. Even I was stunned at my discovery: more than a dozen pair (and a few solos) of stretched, torn or holey foot accessories were plucked from their wooden confines. While some can be recycled (dust rags, hand puppets), most of them have literally worn out their welcome! This exercise, however, isn’t just limited to hosiery.

Some of my psychic consultation clients are unsure how to react when I ask, “When’s the last time you cleaned out your sock drawer?” I then break it down: we all have a tendency to keep items, to include darn-prohibitive stockings, in our midst. If we compare our lives to a sock drawer, the clearing house list would possibly expand to include repetitive job duties, toxic relationships, crippling habits, etc.

It’s healthy to occasionally monitor what is a benefit or a hindrance in our worlds. Furthermore, understand that when we free up space occupied by energies that aren’t ideally serving us any longer, it creates room for more positive vibes to enter.

Today’s chore: toss those tattered socks. It’ll help ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward!

Love and light,


Is it time to clean out your sock drawer and move forward?

Is it time to clean out your sock drawer and move forward?

10 thoughts on “Sock It To Me!

  1. Linda Carlson

    Well put. I learned a long time ago, you are what you surround yourself with. Negative people bring out negative attitudes. Positive people bring it the positive attitudes. Stop looking in your review mirror. Look straight ahead and see the new things.

  2. Beverly Maccabe Peterson

    I am in complete agreeance with Linda Carlson (and you!!)! You are such a good writer,Tony! I don’t always comment but I always enjoy your wonderful stories/analogies!

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