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“So, can you bend a spoon?” asked the lady with whom I was meeting (on behalf of the non-profit I support) after I’d handed her one of my psychic medium business cards. I could’ve responded with a retort, but didn’t.

My ears have heard other zingers too linked to my profession like, “But, you knew that already,” “I bet you saw that coming,” or “Where’s your turban?”

Psychic mediums aren’t alone; the ribbing is also often ripe for other jobs: politicians, lawyers, flight attendants, fast food employees or sales executives. Actually, every career comes with a punchline opportunity. I’ve discovered that usually the pokes are lighthearted and, at times, somewhat endearing.

However, when the line is crossed into mean spiritedness, I take issue. The few times that’s happened, I quickly adapt to a positive mindset. First of all, I honor my job’s intention: to provide intuitive insights to help clients make choices and actions in order to get the most out of their lives. In addition, my goal (just like with my previous career in corporate America) is to bring legitimacy and credibility to my work.

Now, how do I handle the culprit? First of all, I can’t (nor would I want to) control that person, but I can control my mind or thought pattern. I zone out the acidic comment, knowing my work speaks for itself and that the speaker is possibly masquerading behind an issue or two that needs resolving.

Each of us takes our career choice seriously. For me, I commit to being focused, dedicated and skilled. And, yes, I find joy in my work as well. That’s why a friendly dose of humor can serve as a good balance.

You might wonder what was my response to the “Can you bend a spoon?” dig?

I played along: “Sure, fork it over!” (I’ll be here all week folks; tip your waiters and bartenders!)

Love and light,


A business card represents who you are, as does having the right mindset.

A business card represents who you are, as does having the right mindset.

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