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Will Smith’s new motion picture, Collateral Beauty, comes out later this year, yet I’m already connecting with the themes of life purpose and The Universe highlighted in its trailer. While waiting for that film’s December 16th release, I can revisit other favorite spiritual and metaphysical flicks. So, grab some popcorn and let’s go to the movies!

Heart & Souls – A young boy with guardian ghosts suddenly learns his foursome must leave him. When they return years later to take care of their own unfinished business, Robert Downey, Jr., as the now grown boy, helps them complete their destinies.

War Horse – There’s a lot to be said about animal instincts, as well as the special bonds that humans have with their pets, be they dog, cat or equine. The film chronicles the saga of a horse and owner who are drawn together, separated and reunited under the most amazing set of circumstances.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – It’s not just for the birds! Based on the bestselling book from the early ’70s, the movie spins a spiritual tale of an avian who dared to soar to greater heights of self-discovery and who inspired others to make similar leaps of faith. Bonuses: captivating photography and a Neil Diamond set of songs.

Heaven Can Wait – This Warren Beatty charmer from the late 70s is not only entertaining (Dyan Cannon is hysterical), but also a valentine for those who believe that two people’s souls can connect and even reconnect through the eyes of another person.

Resurrection – After a near-death experience, a woman, portrayed by Ellen Burstyn, miraculously recovers from a car crash and discovers she has special healing powers of her own.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – We are not alone. Director Steven Spielberg crafts a movie that explores how communication with beings from other worlds can unite us in our own humanity.

The Giver – Set in the future, where all emotions, including love, are replaced with sameness, the film’s young male protagonist is inspired to redesign the prescribed environment.

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever – The list isn’t complete without a musical! Barbra Streisand stars as woman who undergoes hypnosis to explore (and sing about) her past lives, and how they’re connected to her current existence.

Feel free to share your celluloid choices of the mystic marquee!

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  1. suz

    I saw “Heart & Souls”years ago (Because Robert Downey, Jr.). : ) Watched it again a couple days ago and it’s as sweet of a movie as I remember it being.

    I’ll definitely see if I can find the other movies online.

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