Singing In The Shower (& Two Other Things You Should Do!)

Pretending to be Justin Timberlake, Blake Shelton or Aretha Franklin while belting songs in the shower is healthy; it’s a fun (if not, daffy) way to explore your inner voice, or life yearnings. Unfortunately, some choose to ignore those desires from within. Perhaps, warbling in the water may be the wake up call folks need to focus on two other ways to express their inner voices.

Do you use the phrases, “Doesn’t matter to me,” or “I really don’t care” too frequently? Like I tell my psychic consultation clients, being easygoing is one thing, but being idle and lacking an honest opinion can prevent one from making decisions and taking actions that positively impact his or her life. Developing opinions doesn’t mean you have to vocalize them to the world or engage in heated debates. Most times, it’s essential that you, and you alone, understand and value your opinions. Once you embrace and own them, you’ll be amazed at how much easier moving your life forward will become.

Keeping personal aspirations buried under fear or little confidence is a form of self-imprisonment. However, acknowledging what you want to achieve, regardless of scope, will free your inner voice. Again, some of my clients are surprised when I zero in on their secret ambitions. Recently, I told a career-long military guy that my psychic insights saw him on stage performing or expressing himself, and he we was loving the spotlight! At first, my client was mum. Eventually, he shared, “Man, I can’t believe what you just said. I’ve always dreamed of being a stand-up comedian!” After he claimed his desire, we discussed potential next steps for his laugh track.

Honoring your opinions and ambitions, and, yes, singing in the shower, are ways to channel your inner voice. Why not ignite it next time you’re scrubbing up? As the water sprays you with energy, take your pick of a musical artist and croon away!

For the record, today, I was Bruno Mars!

Love and light,


Eat your heart out, Bruno Mars!

Eat your heart out, Bruno Mars!

8 thoughts on “Singing In The Shower (& Two Other Things You Should Do!)

    1. Tony Post author

      It was “fun” to write! As far as taking the photo, well, that was a little more challenging (didn’t want to drop the iPhone in water!)!

  1. Deborah Magnes

    Singing in the shower is the best! The echo makes me sound like I’m on stage – as far as I know. Lol
    The shower is also a wonder place to receive messages from your guides. A lot of times I get messages in the form of song. In other words, a song will come into my mind and the words bring meaning to something I’m giving a lot of thought to.
    Tony, I love the shower pic! LMBO

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Debi – I love your comment about the shower being the place to receive messages from your spiritual guides. We know that water can be very healing and how appropriate that we link in with our guides while scrubbing up! Xo

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