Spring Cleaning

Clearing clutter from the proverbial kitchen catchall drawer, I disposed of two packs of old saltines, last year’s jury duty summons, a bingo card and six loose keys, which unlocked Lord knows what doors! After that project, I decided to clean out my work desk, where more surprises awaited!

Rummaging through the wooden furniture’s center drawer, I unearthed countless Post-It notes, where I’d scribbled blog ideas as far back as three years ago! Other items tossed included connection cables to a computer that I hadn’t owned in eons, a five-months late un-mailed birthday card (oops!) and two dried-up ink pens. Things got interesting when I moved on to one of the side drawers.

“What’s on this old CD,” I asked, having just retrieved the circular object from the confines of the desk. Curious, I inserted it into my computer. What surfaced was the first draft of my hope-to-publish-soon book, Little Red Wagon. Copied onto the disc nearly six years ago, the version was far different from its current-day counterpart. For starters, that initial stab was a massive cathartic release, covering not only my spiritual and psychic awakening, but the series of catalytic events that led me there. Needless to say, it lacked refinement. Thus, began the editing process, where some of the original chapters would be rewritten or portions merged into other parts of the book.

A half decade ago, I was anxious for the book to be published. Now, I know that the timing was wrong, because so much more has happened in my spiritual journey these last five years. I’d like to think that those additional experiences now make the memoir stronger. I sometimes share this story with my psychic intuition clients who are eager for an event to happen right away. The timing of a situation often requires other aspects – out of our control – to come into alignment. When that happens, the moment will be ideal.

Emptying out drawers can be a time consuming chore. However, you never know what good will come of it, as was the case with finding my book’s first draft.

You might say, it was a major desk-overy!

Love and light,


The first draft of Little Red Wagon

The first draft of Little Red Wagon


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Pamela Swartz

    Tony Let me tell you that 5 years ago I came to Georgia to visit looooong lost family, family I may not of known if I hadn’t done something that I did a year prior to that ( all turned out for the better)
    anyway I came to your home for a bit before heading over to the airport to pick up Mom (Aunt Alice)
    I told you that I would like to move to GA and you looked at me then stared out into the other room and then you told me it won’t happen as soon as I liked and that we would have to wait a while.
    iNow it’s 5 years later and look where we are …..you were right it did take awhile but here we are in the state of Georgia..I guess cleaning out desks or old closets and finding family is ” A GOOD THING”

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Pam – I remember that night. So, glad you and the family held onto your wishes and that they materialized in the best possible way. xoxo

    1. Tony Post author

      Ha ha!! I’ll never divulge who the card belonged to. I’d be placed on her s%&t list! (I did take her out for lunch, though)

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