Mega Road Trip

While hiking the trail to the lighthouse, my psychic intuition told me that I’d receive information about a past life once I reached the destination on the edge of the northern California coast. This would be a spiritual highlight of the mega road trip on which I embarked nearly two weeks ago!

Most of the ten-day travel fest focused on roadside attractions (I stopped by the schoolhouse used in Hitchcock’s The Birds) and interesting accommodations (I slept one night in a tree house), but the visit to the Point Cabrillo Light Station, located four miles north of the coastal town of Mendocino, was an eyeopener.

Six years ago, I explored past lives regression with a certified Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, who led me through two previous physical existences. One was a life lived on Easter Island, about which I’ve blogged before.

The other was connected to a location akin to the northern California cliffs, which have amazing Pacific vistas. In my hypnotic state during the session, it was revealed that in the past life that took place high above the ocean, I was a warrior, whose mission was to protect the land. Ultimately, our tribal ground was invaded by sea vessels, whose men took control forcibly and left my people with two options: death or retreat to inland locations. Not willing to see my homeland seized, I sacrificed myself and leaped from a paramount ledge into the cold waters. When the hypnotherapist asked me to make the connection of that past life to my future, I was mentally shown that I was driving a gray convertible (which, interestingly enough, I now own a gray convertible) on an oceanfront road dotted with cliffhanging scenery. I parked the car on the shoulder and stepped close to the rim. I’ve returned home, I thought.

Fast forward to the lighthouse visit last week. Entering the restored 1909 structure, I noticed it had a museum. The first exhibit showed that the area where the lighthouse now sits was once home to the Pomo, a tribe tracing back to pre-historic times. It was the shipwreck of The Frolic in 1850 that changed the Pomo’s way of life forever. Settlers and explorers claimed the land. According to the historic documents, the Pomo who dared defy the takeover, were killed, while others fled deeper inland to escape being taken as laborers. As other tourists brushed by me in the museum, I stood frozen while reading each aching account, all of which felt way too familiar.

Outside the beacon, I strolled the coastal edge towering above the Pacific, taking in the jaw-dropping views and acknowledging the psychic intuition that I’d received an hour earlier.

While there were many memorable stops on my vacation, this was indeed a very special morning, one which shed some light onto a past life!

Love and light (wink, wink),


The Point Cabrillo Light Station, located near Mendocino, CA

The Point Cabrillo Light Station, located near Mendocino, CA

22 thoughts on “Mega Road Trip

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Kev! Thanks so much! And, I’m glad you came along for the ride; it helped to make those long drives much more entertaining! Take care!

    1. Michael Norris

      What an awesome experience that must have been. I enjoyed your daily posts during your road trip, you must have been in total AWE !! Thank you for sharing this personal experience with us Tony.

      1. Tony Post author

        Hey Michael – Yes, it was a wonderful validation of my psychic intuition about something very personal to me. And, thanks so much for joining me for the ride. It was a lot of fun having my friends along! Take care!

  1. KaZ

    all I can say is “Wow”. I had a similar experience in past life regression but in the Wild West where I am at this very moment…in Arizona. It’s quite freaky. But answered a few deep questions. Keep writing my friend.

  2. Ginger Swanson

    Wonderful story, Tony! The links from our past to our present to our future shine in the light like facets of a diamond; they are all reflections of our soul. xo! Ginger Swanson, Santa Barbara, CA

    1. Tony Post author

      The road trip was amazing…so many goofy, wonderful and yes, spiritual things happened. So happy to have been there to experience it all! xoxo

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