Tag! I’m It!

While in Los Angeles last week for a volunteer meeting for the Human Rights Campaign gala dinner, I received a parking ticket. I was stumped because I’d nearly 15 minutes left on the meter after the short time spent in a nearby restaurant. Reaching for my cell to call and complain, I re-examined the citation closer (holding it an arm’s length away since I wasn’t wearing my glasses). Surprise! I wasn’t penalized for overstaying my welcome. Instead, the fee was for “No Front Plate.”

Undoubtedly, California has a law that requires all State registered autos have rear and front tags displayed. A new one on me, as that was never the case in other states in which I’d lived. I became even more puzzled because my car didn’t even have drill holes for a plate to be installed above its grill. With ticket now in hand, naturally, I started noticing that all vehicles driving on the road indeed had tags on both locations.

Griping that night to a friend about the incident, he wisecracked, “You’re a psychic, you shoulda seen that one coming!”

Well, he was sorta right. Here’s the scoop: A week and half prior to receiving the meter maid’s gift, I cleaned out my bedroom closet. Removing items from a top shelf, I discovered a license plate. “Why do I have an extra car tag?” I questioned. Five seconds later, I placed the tin object back where I found it. No follow up. No resolution. No wonder, I got a ticket. The tag placed in my path was a sign to pay attention. How much more effort would it’d taken for me to have called a friend (perhaps the same one who poked fun at me) and simply asked, “Do you have two car tags?” I would’ve received the answer I needed and, thus, installed the plate. And, saved myself $49.

Usually, I’m aware of signals from the Universe and pride myself in taking appropriate action. This time around, I didn’t get in front of the situation. But, my car tag is now, though!

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8 thoughts on “Tag! I’m It!

  1. kurt

    there was a theft ring at ucla a few years ago where front license plates were pilfered and then sold or used for illegal parking on the campus lots. the license plates were used on the same type of auto they were stolen from. the original owner was fined and the miscreant got away.

    moral to the story: keep your friends close and your front license plate even closer!

  2. Mickey

    You would think that the dealership would be responsible for making sure every auto had two, unless you had personalized plates. Still, should’ve had both plates anyway! You couldn’t have known Tony. Many cars, especially sports cars and muscle cars don’t have dealer plates in the front. Just sayin’!
    love your Blogs! Michael

  3. Pam Swartz

    Tony, Tony, Tony,
    My precious cousin was feeling a little low today went to go check my email and there was the link to your wondrful blog…….Let me tell you reading this story of the lic.plate was overwhelming to me with laughter …I laughed so hard and long I cried I felt better after reading it and my cry from laughter….Wonderful just wonderful……p.s Went out tomake sure I still had 2 plates on my van

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