Taxi Driver

Taxi rides often turn into memorable tales. One of my funniest was when I shared a packed cab with my mother, grandmother, cousin and great aunt as the driver raced up and down the famous hills of San Francisco, creating a rollercoaster ride worthy of Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt.” Non-stop gasps erupted from the backseat where the four of them sat, while I laughed from the passenger side as if I was watching a screwball comedy. The role of the man behind the wheel that night was to entertain…and he did!

Most recently, I had another experience with a taxi driver. Arriving at my condo at 5:45 to shuttle me to catch an early morning east coast bound flight, the cabbie began a pre-dawn conversation by asking, “Where are you flying off to?” After a brief chat about D.C., my destination, he then asked, “So what is it that you do?”

Right away, I replied, “I’m an intuitive…a psychic.” Four years ago if someone had asked that question, I would’ve been more guarded with my answer, as I was still in the process of sorting out the spiritual changes and influences taking place in my life at the time. However, in the backseat of a dark cab in 2012, the confidence I’d acquired over the past few years about my intuitive gift was now eagerly shared.

“Wow, that’s very interesting,” the driver said as he glanced at me in his rearview mirror. “Tell me more about what you do.” I proceeded to tell that him that I conduct one-on-one sessions with clients either in-person or over the phone, and that I use my gift to provide insights that will hopefully generate more positive energy. I sensed that our conversation was going places!

Closer to the airport, the man in the front seat announced, “I drive this cab three days a week, the other four, I’m a motivational speaker.” Now, I was the one who was interested and wanted him to elaborate about his work. He continued, “I go around to different homeless shelters and other places and speak to underpriviledged families about how to build self-esteem so they can get the most out of life. I can’t tell you how great it feels knowing that I’m helping someone. It’s pretty special.”

Our early morning talk reinforced what I already knew: No matter who you are or what you do, each of us can help raise the positive vibrations of this planet. Moments later, the car wheeled up to the airport curb and I reached for my wallet. After paying the fare, I offered, “Here’s my business card, I’d like to stay in touch.”

The man, in turn, gave me a small envelope with a hand-written “Thank You” note (yes, a “Thank You” note!) inside. And with that, he sent me off on a spiritual high to catch my flight.

Love and light,




7 thoughts on “Taxi Driver

  1. Jason Press

    Great story! It reconfirms how we need to unlearn the notion of not speaking to strangers. We can learn a lot by opening ourselves up to connecting with others.

  2. Pamela Chavez

    I really enjoyed this story and it reminded me of my only time in a cab! Colorado Springs snowed in at airport needing to get to my unit at Ft. Carson…no planes going out…no cars to rent…scared of being AWOL with military…so I went to a cab and said can you drive me to Colorado Springs and he said he could for $150.00…I looked in my purse and had $153.00…so off we went…how he got me there thru that blizzard is a miracle…you couldn’t even see the road hardly! Well my only ever cab ride, just thought I would share….now bus rides are another thing in Europe! lol

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