Fits To A T-Shirt

It’s back to school time! I was one of those kids who always anticipated the return to academia. Sans some tiresome geometry homework, I thrived on learning, with teachers being my collective knowledge compass. It was during my formative high school years that I also became a student of life lessons, tapping into personal interests.

Recently, I came across a box with an aged masking tape strip across its top that read: Senior 1980. Curious, I opened it, revealing sealed memories of my youth. Among the standouts were three, dated t-shirts. Holding the time-worn cotton tops in my hands, they represented much more than something I wore walking down educational corridors; the shirts were a reflection of who I was. Emblazoned with Class of 80, EHS Key Club and Boys State, my lyceum t-shirt collection was a homage to pride, community service and leadership, qualities I still value today.

Most of us, some unwittingly, are still linked to our school days. During my clients’ private psychic consultations, I often refer to his or her passions from their high school years, to include both classes and extracurricular activities. When this happens, I intuitively see in my mind’s eye certain clothing like 4-H Club jackets, ROTC uniforms, football jerseys or, yes, t-shirts.

Earlier this month, I received the image of a cheerleading outfit during a client’s session. I told the lady, who’s in her mid-40s, that I felt she’d been a pep squad member and that the role was still very much a part of who she was today. She smiled and said, “Wow! I was cheerleader captain in high school. And, you’re right, it’s still with me; I’ve been wanting to start a cheerleading camp. I guess it’s something I never outgrew!”

While I can’t squeeze into those old t-shirts at age 54, they are part of the fabric of my life.

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T-shirts were a fashion staple of my high school years.

T-shirts were a fashion staple of my high school years.

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  1. JC

    Too bad you weren’t here in Palm Springs for the “Antiques Roadshow” taping. You could have brought those T-shirts! If I had kept mine from the Class of ’78, they would have been even more valuable! Tempus fugit . . .

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