Noise Control

Noise can reach levels that threaten to break the sound barrier. Car horns blaring, leaf blowers groaning or that all-important person who wants to make sure everyone within a 20-feet radius hears his cell phone conversation: they all contribute.

Granted, sounds are energy, but certain energy can, at times, be a drain, if not, a detriment, to our well being. That’s why, I always encourage my psychic consultation clients to be in a quiet environment and free of distractions during our sessions. The basic request helps to ensure that the focus is exclusively on what spirit and the Universe want to share. Furthermore, communication lines can be blocked with unwanted noise frequencies.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t conducted brief psychic consultations in livelier locales. Once, when a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent hand-checked my carry-on at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, she spotted my Psychic Tarot Deck in my backpack. “Are you a…,” she asked? I nodded, yes, before she even completed her question. She leaned over and whispered, “Can I ask you something about my boyfriend?”

Instantly, I replied, “Honey, you got a big decision coming up within a week or two; you’ll either move in with the guy or move away from him to another city. Whatever you decide, you want to be happy. And, you will be.”

“Lord, yes,” she responded with her eyes as big as saucers! “I’ve been racking my brain about what should I do?” Handing me my belongings, she had a final question: “Do you have business card on you?”

Needless to say, her next consultation with me was in a more serene setting.

Love and light,


Turning down the noise is good for soul.

Turning down the noise is good for soul.


8 thoughts on “Noise Control

  1. Ricky Ray

    NIce post, Tony!

    As we get more and more noise in our environment, I don’t think people realize how much it truly influences our daily lives and what an impact it can have over time. I’m heading up to Idyllwild for 5 days as one way of getting that much desired nature noise! Hopefully Santa Barbara provides you with some of that! The jazz festival is this weekend, so it will be nice to have some jazz and nature noise combined! I’ll be thinking of you!!! Big hugs!

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