Songs Of Life

‘Tiny Bubbles’…somethings you just don’t forget,” a former elementary school classmate, Scott, recalled the other day. He was referring to our second grade teacher’s, Mrs. Dewitt, introducing her students to Don Ho, the legendary Hawaiian singer, who crooned the confectionery lilt. Naturally, every time I hear that song – or, even a mention of it – it reminds me of that wonderful classroom.

Dozens of other melodies have a way of connecting me to other significant times in my life. I’m not alone in that observation. Many of my psychic consultation clients have strong bonds to particular music as well.

Often during one-on-one sessions, I have intuitively mentioned songs that serve as devices to further a deeper conversation about an affiliated event, person or place. Just the other day, I asked a client over the phone, “Does the soundtrack to the movie, Saturday Night Fever, mean anything to you?”

“Yes! When that movie came out, my childhood best friend and I were only 14, so we couldn’t go see it because it was rated R,” she explained. “But, we both bought the soundtrack and played it over and over. To this day, the two of us know all of those songs by heart.”

The musical vibe continued, “I sense that you two miss seeing each other and that you’ll be reconnecting again soon.”

Two days later, the client shared a bulletin with me: “You’re not going to believe what happened! My girlfriend – the one who loves Saturday Night Fever too – emailed me out-of-the-blue and wants to come visit this summer!”

So, I think what my friend Scott was suggesting is you don’t forget just a song; the related moments – and relationships – in time never go out of tune either.

Love and light (and music),


Certain songs have a way of connecting us to specific places, events and people.

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