Mailbag Review

Regardless of job or career, people often have questions about what we do for a living. The same is true for me in my role as a psychic medium. Let’s check my blog’s mail and answer a few questions from readers.

Have you ever done a psychic reading for a person whose primary language wasn’t English? – Yes, I have done a few sessions in that setting. Since my intuitive work isn’t strictly based on one specific language, I typically receive spiritual visions and thoughts. Now, during the actual conversation, I have relied on a translator to assist with the communication. It’s only another small step in the process.

Does weather or climate impact how you work? – Like the mail carrier’s popular creed, “neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night…,” I’m committed to my work. Since a majority of my sessions are conducted via telephone, the outside elements are never really a consideration. Now, does a dramatic shift in weather influence my mood? Sure, sometimes; I think most appreciate sunny days. However, rainy days and Mondays don’t always get me down, either!

Do you ever have a mental shutdown because of your work? – With every job, one has to maintain balance. While mental activity is very much a part of my practice, I give my mind and body appropriate breaks. I also include forms of physical exercise in my daily routine as well.

Have you conducted an intuitive session for a famous person? – My work with clients is all confidential, so I’m not going to be blabbing names. But, yes, I’ve had celebrity clients. When it comes to work with spirit, everyone is equal and is treated with the same level of care and respect.

In other words, everyone gets the star treatment!

Love and light,


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