Southern Accent

“You talk kind of funny,” my psychic consultant client said over the phone. She wanted clarification, “Where are you from originally?”

She wasn’t buying when I initially responded, “L.A.” After explaining it was short for Lower Alabama, she laughed. Thus, was the beginning of a lively and effective guidance session.

The point I’m making is that we should all embrace the aspects which make us authentic and diverse. Take it even a step further: we should “own” those elements!

Being true to one’s identity and aspirations is a subject that pops up frequently during my spiritual intuitive sessions. My job as a psychic medium is to share insights that will assist in moving people forward in positive, productive ways. Whether it’s careers, relationships, goals or other personal issues, each discussion is customized for the individual.

Nine years ago, my own test in believing in my true self occurred: I had a major spiritual awakening and discovered my intuitive gifts. That higher calling certainly had something to do with my “owning” who I am, including, yes, the southern accent.

Or, make that southern ascent!

Love and light,


If my accent doesn’t give me away, then, this sweatshirt definitely will!

8 thoughts on “Southern Accent

  1. Mary Rhoads

    Growing up I was often asked a similar question “where is your accent from”. When I said Chicago the most often heard reply was “bang bang” – Al Capone ! That was long ago and, sadly, not much has changed today but it’s still my hometown ❤️

  2. Nick Parham

    Tony, well said.
    You DO have an LA accent that I have always enjoyed. It is part of your charm. And it is a very effective communications tool. I find that my clients listen closer and assume I am trustworthy. Jim (North Carolina) and I (Virginia) have never lost our accents and probably won’t living with another Southerner.
    Come see us in SF! Best, Nick

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