If We Build It, They Will Come

Who knew that watching Rona Barrett dish about Hollywood deals and dynamos on Good Morning, America in the late 70s, would lead to my serving as a director on her non-profit foundation, which provides affordable housing solutions for seniors in need?

Now, thanks to Rona’s seven-year vision of building a comprehensive independent, assisted living and memory care facility, The Golden Inn and Village, located just north of Santa Barbara, California in the Santa Ynez Valley, will officially welcome its first residents this month! To say that the former entertainment reporter trailblazer, who turns 80 next month, is driven would be an understatement. An advocate for the elderly poor, Rona wrangled all the key partners and alliances to get this project off the ground.

Or, maybe, it was more like, off the table! Let me explain: During the concept’s infancy, the foundation’s board of directors often gathered in Rona’s dining room and, between bites of lasagna and salad, much discussion and brainstorming took place. While those early meetings certainly registered the magnitude of such an endeavor (major fundraising required), no one ever thought it was insurmountable. Perhaps, it was because all knew, given the aging demographics, that there was a true need.

I share this happy story with you for two reasons. First, never underestimate your passion to achieve something positive in this world. The Universe will work with you to manifest the desired outcome.

Second, believe that we are divinely connected to certain people in our lives at the right time and the right place.

And, in the case of my friendship with Rona, for the right purpose.

Love and light,


The Rona Barrett Foundation board of directors and its key project, The Golden Inn and Village.

The Rona Barrett Foundation board of directors and its key project, The Golden Inn and Village.

12 thoughts on “If We Build It, They Will Come

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks for the supportive words! And, yes, the demographics of the aging population are real. The Golden Inn and Village is one solution. Hoping for others to emerge as well!

  1. Annette Lalonde

    Rarely are our senior citizens the catalyst for new concepts and or brainstorming ideas to better facilitate them or give them a last chance to reward and respect for a life earned. I commend you Tony and Rona Barrett for using her star stays in such a positive rewarding way.

  2. MichelleN

    Very inspiring! Congratulations! I remember you speaking of Rona at lunch one day—in our other life. Keep up the passion you have —it’s infectious.

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