Diva, La’ Dolly!

Receiving a thunderous applause after arriving onstage at a packed Santa Barbara Bowl this weekend, Dolly Parton was greeted by a male fan’s enthusiastic, “I LOVE YOU!!!”

“I thought I told you to wait in the truck,” the country music queen yelled back, as attendees howled with approval!

Indeed, there was a lot of love at Sunday night’s concert, a fine blend of tunes and talk. Thousands cheered as Dolly sang signature songs like, “9 to 5,” but they also clapped nonstop when she discussed her Imagination Library literacy program. Started in the mid-90s in Tennessee, her non-profit, inspired by her late father, has grown into a global program that provides millions of books to children.

Giving back isn’t exclusive to celebrities. Many of my psychic consultation clients desire to foster more good in our world too. During several recent discussions with entrepreneurs, I’ve intuitively picked up on their interests in cause marketing, a business model designed to provide a product or service, while earmarking a portion of profits to support a charity or philanthropic effort. Consumers often align with this concept, as they can buy what they need and help a cause at the same time.

With countless opportunities, we can all participate in ways to champion a stronger sense of humanity. Doing so, it’s bound to make the heart literally sing, as Dolly knows firsthand.

Given the heartfelt exchange between artist and audience, Dolly’s final number Sunday night was, appropriately, “I Will Always Love You.”

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Dolly Parton shares her Imagination Library literacy project with the Santa Barbara audience.

Dolly Parton shares her Imagination Library literacy project with the Santa Barbara audience.

5 thoughts on “Diva, La’ Dolly!

  1. Joe

    You know I have loved this old girl for almost 40 years — when she appeared first in Athens at UGA and the next weekend at Atlanta Civic Center. Remember, I went shoe shopping with her at Lenox. At 10 a.m. there she was in all that stage drag, causing more than a minor sensation. Bought four pairs of shoes, too. And she and Carol Burnett, doing their special at the Grand Ole Opry. And, subsequently, attending Dolly’s personal premieres for “9 to 5″and “”The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and the press conferences before each screening and the HUGE parties afterward. Dolly’s great line to some country music reporter who has known her since she stepped off the bus from Sevierville, when he asked her what she thought her home folks would think about her movie role. “”Oh I know what they’ll say. Í could have told you she was a whore before she left here!’ ” As only Dolly could say it and get away with it. She’s as real as an Appalachian autumn morning….and equally as fresh! Can you tell, I like her?

    1. suz

      You went shoe shopping with Dolly?! I’ll bet that was a total blast!
      I’d be happy with seeing her in concert, appreciating how her soul just shines, and shines, and shines!

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