Ride On!

In the theme park of life, my signature ride is the rollercoaster. Unlike it’s predictable cousin, the merry-go-round, it ignites the highs, lows, twists and turns while still staying on track. And, I like that!

My first rollercoaster experience was on the Starliner, a rickety, wooden gem at Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. Childhood lore (all non-validated, of course) was born from that thrill ride: the back car jumped the tracks or a ghost rode in the front seat! Over the years, I’ve yelled (okay, screamed) on the best of them from Disneyland’s Space Mountain (think coaster in the dark) to most recently, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Xcelerator (see photo below). Despite the attractions’ adrenaline-inducing abilities, I wasn’t fearful, because I was too consumed with excitement. The excitement of the experience.

Life should be like that. Emitting and receiving energy that give your life a charge. I’m not advocating that we all wake up every morning and immediately jump on a coaster, but certainly build up to it during the course of the day. Even if your body just takes a quick spin, it’s an opportunity to build momentum.

And, if a speedy rail ride isn’t your piece of cake. Find one that is. One that brings out the color and passion of the life you want to design. Theme parks, while full of fantasy, have the unique quality of bringing out the kid in each of us. That’s why these vacation spots are so lively, there are acres and acres of positive energy floating about. Smiles easily outnumber any isolated bellyaching or disturbances. A few weeks ago, I mentioned several times to my mother and sister as we toured Disneyland’s creative wonder, “With all of this, you’d never know that there are major freeways less than three miles away.” Escapism? Maybe. Therapeutic? I’d say, yes!

As with life, even amusement parks face change. Miracle Strip has since been dismantled, including its legendary Starliner, to make may way for other developments. Nice to know, however, that it’s magical memories still linger.

And, that we can create our own too as we move ahead!

Love and light,




Braving the Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm




12 thoughts on “Ride On!

  1. Mike

    “I’m not advocating that we all wake up every morning and immediately jump on a coaster, but certainly build up to it during the course of the day.” That reminds me of the click-click-click as you rise to the first big drop. Surely there’s room for that in your metaphor. 😉

    Good post. Good advice.

  2. Brian

    LOVE my roller coasters!! The classics & the cutting edge! And I’ve told friends, and myself over the years, I definitely WOULD get a frequent flier pass and ride the coaster every morning right after waking up, if there were one close by! By the way, at Halloween, you will encounter ghosts on the coasters at Knott’s Scary Farm! Another awesome blog, Tony!!

  3. Vicki

    Tony, you’ll be happy to know that while Miracle Strip is no longer there, some of the rides have been moved to Pier Park, just down the strip. Sadly, the Starliner is not one of them; but, the Merry-Go-Round and a few more now make memories for another generation:) The Haunted House was my favorite!

  4. Beth (V V)

    I love it! I would ride the Starliner over and over and over! Same with the log ride! Thanks Tony—I already feel better now. Love you, V V

  5. SnipeHunter

    I think the Miracle Strip rollercoaster actually IS moving to Pier Park in PCB … and I loved the Abominable Snowman ride too ……. because it was COLD!!! haha

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey “Snipe Hunter!” That’s great news about the coaster. And, that Snowman ride wasn’t cold…man, it was freezing inside! Loudest music ever too!

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