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Predictions is a generalized term for what I call insights. And, as I’ve stated before, I receive psychic insights with links to past, present and future (time in the spiritual world is all combined) for not only clients and myself, but for the masses as well. Here’s what’s been on my radar in recent weeks.

Blink of an Eye. In mid-August, I received visions of a young Asian male who appeared trapped or imprisioned, perhaps with others. His face had a look of desperation, yet hope. But, what really caught my attention was his steady blinking – like it was some kind of code. A code for help. A code for survival. There will be outrage when this shocking event unfolds. Sending prayers and healing thoughts into the Universe.

Kid Speak. I tend to pick up spiritual energies from children regarding events in which they have a connection. It was the vision of a teenager’s face which pre-communicated to me the Colorado tragedy earlier this summer. Recently, an African-American youngster’s spirit reached out to me about an unfortunate incident that will take place on a train. It will involve a major African American figure in the United States.

Waterway Woes. I feel that there’s a strong chance of another oil spill or a re-triggering of an old one. However, this time around, the ivory tower types will take swift action versus ignoring the severity. Thank God, lessons were learned from previous catastrophes.

Planet Green. Sustainability efforts will continue to grow across the globe, even within corporations which were slow to ‘go green.’ They’ve come to realize that it’s not only the right thing to do for our environment, but the changes can benefit their future’s fiscal outlook.

It’s my intent to share these so people can be aware, be involved and emit positive vibrations. Take heart in knowing that we’re all connected.

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